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Does your pup have what it takes to be a Police Dog?

Greater Manchester Police are looking for Springer Spaniels and Labradors

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 3 months ago

If your pooch is a social butterfly that loves to play fetch - they could have the potential to work with the police force. 

And Greater Manchester Police are currently on the lookout for dogs to become part of the police dog training unit.

The force are recruiting Springer Spaniels and Labradors aged 12 months to two years to be trained in searching for explosives, drugs or human remains.

The requirements for the role is that the pup should love playing fetch, be social with other dogs, and be confident in new areas with new people. 

They’ll be paid in tennis balls (three per hour), unlimited belly rubs, and reassurance that they’re a good dog.

And, if your dog’s job doesn’t work out, they’ll be returned to their owner!

If you think your dog is suitable and fits the requirements, you can get in touch with the team by emailing and

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