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Does your dog’s paw look like a koala bear?

A viral tweet has resurfaced - and once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

Millie Reeves

Posted 42d ago

By Nia Dalton

Unlike our human feet, dog paws are inarguably adorable. They are perfect for high-fiving, playing fetch, and jumping at you when you get home after a long day. 

As if our canine’s paddy little paws weren’t cute enough, dog owners have now spotted a striking resemblance between their pup’s toe beans and koalas.

First shared by Twitter user @41Strange, a viral thread of doggy paws has resurfaced online - and it has us all looking at our dog’s feet.

You might notice that the big pad on your dog’s paw resembles the face and ears of a koala, and the other four pads make up their four limbs. 

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

Thousands of people have supported the comparison online, liking and commenting their opinions on Twitter and tagging #koalapaws. 

Rufus’ paw (Image: Jilly Beattie)

One user shared a photo and said: “Oh good. I thought I was alone in this.”

Another person wrote: “Dog paws have tiny koalas. Who knew?!”

While a third added: “Now it’s all I can see!”

People have shared their own interpretations on Twitter, from Lion King’s Baby Simba to teddy bears and Ewoks. 

Some of our TeamDogs’ pups let us snap photos of their paws - we can definitely see koalas on the pads of Ruby and Rufus!

Does your dog’s paw look like a koala? Share a photo on social media and tag our TeamDogs Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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