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Dodgy DIY groom left dog looking like ‘Frank from Shameless’

Poor Crusty looks like a completely different dog

Danielle Elton

Posted 4 months ago ago

While many owners have had no choice but to groom their dog themselves during lockdown, some attempts have been absolutely disastrous (hilarious).

And while we know we shouldn’t laugh, some of these transformations are just beyond words.

So many dogs have been left looking like completely different breeds, one being described a looking like a raw chicken.

Unfortunately poor Crusty was left looking like ‘Frank from Shameless’ after a makeover from his owner.

Posting before-and-after photos on Tik Tok, user @crustydog shared her attempt at a DIY groom.

The caption read: “Don’t attempt to groom your dog in iso.”

The video has gone viral with 2.1million with lots of users commenting on who and what the dog now looks like.

One said: “That’s not a dog. That is a rat.”

Another asked: “Is that a chicken?”

A third commented: “Like when a looney tunes character gets burnt somehow lmaooo.”

Others likened Crusty to a television star… but it wasn’t exactly a compliment.

One user joked: “Bahahahah ure dog looks like Frank from Shameless.”

“Okay but why does the dog look like Frank one Shameless.” said another.

Other users, like us, felt rather sorry for Crusty.

“Until his hair grows back the humane thing to do is remove all mirrors from the home,” said one.

Another added: “Dude grooming is so much harder than they make it look.”

Aren’t we all glad dog groomers are now allowed to open?

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