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Do dogs have accents?

Do our canine companions really have regional twangs?

Charlotte Regen

Posted 3 months ago

Can dogs have accents and meaning behind different barks?

Does a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who lives in Liverpool bark differently to one from London?

Humans have accents so it would make sense if our pets did.

TeamDogs wanted to find out once and for all, so we asked Anna Webb, a nutrition and behaviour expert to find out whether our precious pooches can really have regional twangs.

Anna, who is also the host of A Dog’s Life podcast, said: "While regional accents are unlikely with dogs, they do bark/vocalise differently depending on breed and the context, and what they’re saying in dog.

"This is closely linked to how their body posture also expresses their voice at the same time. In fact, Huskies howl rather than bark, and Basenjis yodel.

"It’s so important for pet parents to understand different barks. Whether it’s an attention-seeking bark - normally one very loud/high pitched I want a treat sound, your dog may be sat in front of your fridge! Or it could be the alert bark, someone’s at the door which is several barks together and medium pitched."

She continued: "A true alert will mean your dog will run to the door, then come and find you. Or if there’s danger outside it’s a deeper, more threatening bark accompanied with a growl.

"And of course, there’s the joyful bark when dogs are playing again medium pitched and in single barks. This is combined often with the traditional play bow.

"Barking continuously outside on the pavement or in your garden is about sounding off, ensuring that everyone in the neighbourhood can hear. This can be attributed to some overcompensation and anxiety."

If you believe your dog has an accent or makes unusual noises you think we should know about, email or comment below.

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