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Determined Labrador gets her big branch across narrow bridge

Lola gives us a lesson in perseverance

Georgie Hughes

Posted 5d ago

Lola the Labrador stuck to her guns and we’re so happy for her that she succeeded (Image: Sarah Johnstone)

A Labrador who was dead set on bringing a huge branch that she’d found home with her faced a tricky challenge when she got to a narrow bridge, as this hilarious video shows.

The six-year-old dog, Lola, seemed unfazed by the mighty task ahead of her as she struggled to fit the branch through the gap. 

As her owner Sarah Johnstone calls her from the other side, Lola refuses to drop the branch and continues to tug it. 

Lola struggled to get the large branch across the narrow bridge (Image: Sarah Johnstone)

Sarah, a 51-year-old finance assistant from Kingsteignton in Devon, said: “She's familiar with gathering sticks – well, more branches – it’s a bit of a hobby of hers. Pretty much every time we go out she's on a mission to find the biggest possible branch and tries to bring it round with her, it's what she does.” 

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The Labrador has you rooting for her throughout the video as it shows her trying her best to achieve her goal of bringing the hefty branch home with her. 

Just when you think she’s going to give up, Lola continues her task and looks even more resolute in her aim. 

The amazing moment the strong willed Labrador managed to get to the other side (Image: Sarah Johnstone) 

Sarah decided to video the committed Labrador while out on their walk close to their home and caught the amazing moment Lola finally managed to bring her branch to the other side. All it took was snapping it, trying a few different techniques and lots of perseverance.

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Sarah said: “Knowing Lola, she’s that determined, I knew she wouldn’t give up. She was determined to get that one across that day.

“She’s very strong willed and stubborn. She knows what she wants and just has to give the puppy eyes and she’ll get what she wants.” 

This isn’t the first time Lola has brought a very large stick home (Image: Sarah Johnstone)

Her puppy dog eyes particularly come in handy when she’s looking for treats or a snack, as she’ll stare until she’s given some. 

Sarah told TeamDogs: “Being a typical Labrador, it’s all about food. She has her tea at four o’clock in the afternoon and you can set your watch by her and she’ll literally come and find you when it's four o’clock.“ 

Lola is “completely part of the family” and is said to be “very loving”. With ambition like hers, we couldn’t think of a more perfect pet. 

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