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Deaf dog rescued from storm drain after 10-hour mission

Labrador retriever Zoey had been trapped for two days

Tansy Liu

Posted 52d ago

By Fiona Jackson

The rescue team spent 10 hours breaking through the road (Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS)

The lengths that a team of people went to in order to rescue an elderly, deaf dog who was trapped in a storm drain has truly warmed our hearts. The road was dug up, the drainpipe was cut open and Labrador retriever Zoey was carried to safety in an epic 10-hour rescue mission.

The senior dog appeared to suffer from no severe injuries (Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS)

Fifteen-year-old Zoey had been trapped underground for two days before she was pulled out, covered nose-to-tail in mud, to the cheers of a crowd of neighbours in Arlington, Texas, USA. 

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She had gone missing after her owner, Andrea Tankersley, let her outside. Andrea and her neighbours went out to try to find the dog, but it was no use calling to her because the senior dog had lost her hearing.

Two days later, neighbours heard barking from pipes under the road.

Firefighters from the Arlington Fire Department attended and used a camera to look under the street.

The muddy dog was found 400ft from the nearest drain entrance, where she is thought to have fallen in, and the team began trying to break through the asphalt.

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With the help of police, paramedics and other members of the community, the dog was pulled out of the drain by 10.42pm that evening.

Zoey was found in a pipe (Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS)

Zoey had no severe injuries, but was taken to an Animal Medical Centre to be checked over before being returned home.

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