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Dapper dog becomes famous thanks to his floor-length beard

Teddy’s owner is a professional dog groomer who loves his new look

Chloe Bowen

Posted 28d ago

Teddy has a unique look about him – one that makes him stand out from the crowd. Thanks to his owner, who is a professional dog groomer, he has an impressive, floor-length beard that would make any male envious.

Thanks to his furry facial feature, he’s a smart-looking pup who gets recognised on the streets.

Nicola combs Teddy’s beard and tail every day to keep him looking sharp (Image: Nicola Wilcox)

Nicola Wilcox, 50, from Hartlepool, said: “He’s very well known for it. People love him, they look at his beard and say ‘there’s the little dog with the beard’ and they will all stop.

“He’s normally the scruffiest dog, but nobody can walk past him in the street without commenting on him.”

To keep Ted, or Super Ted, looking dapper, Nicola grooms him once a month and has his beard and tail combed every day.

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With over five years of dog grooming experience, this might just be her favourite look of all time. She says the nine-year-old dog is ‘a mucky mixture’ but is amazing and the look suits his funny, stubborn and naughty personality.

Teddy looked very different (Right) before he had a beard (Image: Nicola Wilcox)

It started out by seeing how long his beard could grow. Now Nicola can’t bear to get rid of it. After Nicola trimmed it only an inch, she regretted it instantly so the famous beard is here to stay.

She said: “His beard grows really quick but it won’t get any longer than this. It’s almost rubbing on the pavement as he walks.”

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It was Teddy and her Shih Tzu Bobby who unfortunately is no longer here, who inspired her to start her own company.

Nicola said: “Bobby was my other dog, but he had a brain tumour. They were the reason I started grooming but now I have a really busy business because of them.”

Now the bearded pup has other doggy friends who visit regularly for a trim by Nicola.

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She said: “I cut about 10 dogs a day and Ted has his favourites that come – a cockapoo called Beau, a poodle called Charlie and a Shih Tzu called Woody.”

Nicola says if you’re thinking of giving your own dog a beard then you must keep the lips clear. Hair gets wrapped around their teeth, causing bacteria to build up, and is the perfect setup for infection.

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