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Dancing dog films his own Tik Tok video...and he’s got more talent than a lot of us

Panna the Poodle has certainly got some moves

Dogs can be highly intelligent animals and we can train them to have some pretty impressive tricks.

But Panna the Poodle is just on another level.

Not only does the dancing dog have some pretty impressive moves, he’s obviously got some big aspirations to make it as an influencer.

In a video posted on Tik Tok, Panna can be seen dancing along to the Vengaboys’ hit song ‘Boom Boom Boom’, and it appears he’s not at all camera shy, he seems to be recording himself too.

Posted by @azchpn, the video has had a massive 102.8 million views as well as an impressive 14.1 million likes.

And it seems we’re not the only ones impressed by Panna’s quest for social media stardom, many users also commented on his very obvious rhythm.

One said: “I would give my life savings for this dog it melts my heart every time so clever.”

A second added: “Dog has a brighter future than all of us.”

A third commented: “This dog has 10x more talent than I do.”

“My dog can’t even roll over,” said another.

Another user joked: “When you’re home alone.”

But Panna is not the only dancing dog showing off their moves on Tik Tok. The hashtag #dancingdog has had 201.1 million views, closely followed by #dogdance with 181.6 million views.

One pooch seems to have mastered a challenge popular with us humans is this adorable video.

And we just can’t get over Blueberry dancing to this iconic party song. He looks like he’s having a great time.

Does your dog have better moves than you? Do they have what it takes to be the next doggy superstart on Britain’s Got Talent? We’d love to see your videos. Email teamdogs@reachplc.com