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Dalmatian mum, Luna, gives birth to 16 puppies following emergency C Section

It’s a larger litter size than beloved 101 Dalmatians characters, Pongo and Perdita

Olivia Fox

Posted 3 months ago

A Dalmatian has given birth to 16 puppies, a number which is nearly double the average litter size for the popular breed.

Dalmatian litter sizes typically range from around six to nine puppies but can very rarely reach up to 15. 

However, on the morning of 24 June at Fredericksburg Veterinary Center in Texas, a litter of 16 was born thanks to the helping hands of Dr. Turner and an extended team of technicians.

The brave mum gave birth to five of the puppies before the team realised that something was not quite right and made the decision to step in. 

We got in contact with Dr. Turner of Fredericksburg Veterinary Center to find out more about the ordeal. Dr.Turner commented: “Luna was able to have five of the puppies naturally, then her labor stopped progressing and the owner was immediately concerned and called me and we met at the clinic.

“We took an X-ray and saw that the puppy trying to enter the birth canal had its head malpositioned and was not going to be able to come out on it's own.”

It was then that the team embarked on an emergency caesarean section. Incredibly this procedure allowed another 11 puppies to be born, taking the litter total to a staggering 16. 

Dr. Turner continued: “I was so focused on the surgery preparation, I didn't even check the number of puppies left inside. When we got into surgery, I was just pulling out puppy after puppy and we ended up needing to call in all of our receptionists and staff for an all hands on deck to help clean and revive puppies (basically just stimulating them, cleaning out their nose and mouths and things the mom would do if the puppies were born naturally)!

“The staff kept saying ‘surely there can't be anymore’ and then I would pull out two more. It was absolute chaos!

“The staff were amazing, and it was truly a team effort in taking care of Luna and her 16 puppies and we are overjoyed that they are all doing so well. Lots of 101 Dalmatian jokes were made!”

All 16 puppies and the brave mum are reported to be doing well following the complicated surgery. The pictures posted alongside the Facebook post show mum wrapped comfortably in a towel recovering whilst the adorable puppies huddle together in a basket beside her.

If you can tear your eyes away from the adorable photos, you would also notice that the Facebook post itself hasn’t exactly gone unnoticed either, racking up an impressive 1.7K likes. 

Facebook users took to the comments to welcome the new puppies to the world. One commented “Good grief that is a lotta dots forthcoming”, another could hardly believe the number of puppies saying “That is a lot of puppies!! Get the baby bottles out!”

A third couldn’t handle the cuteness, commenting “Oh my word! Sweetness overload.”

The mum’s accomplishments don’t end there however. 101 Dalmatians characters, Pongo and Perdita, only actually have a litter of 15 themselves; meaning that the new mum in Texas pipped them at the post; quite the feat. 

To many people’s surprise, Dalmatians are actually born without their trademark spots. They are most commonly born with pure white coats and begin to develop their spots around the three or four month mark, so yes, they really do grow into their spots.

Aside from one of the puppies who appears to already be sporting a cute tuft of black fur on one ear, the rest can be seen with their pure white coats. 

If the touching images are anything to go by, we can’t imagine that it will take long for the puppies to be snapped up and on their way to new homes. 

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