Cute video shows Buster doggy paddle over river as his owner carries him | TeamDogs

Cute video shows Buster doggy paddle over river as his owner carries him

The pup thought he was about to get in and swim

Chloe Bowen

Posted 54d ago

They don’t call it doggy paddle for no reason. Buster loves to swim. So much so, his natural instinct when he’s near water is to wave his paws ready for action!

While on a recent walk in the Peak District, Buster’s owner carefully carried him over a fast-flowing river on the stepping stones, but the Rottweiler Jack Russell cross thought he was about to go for a swim, and his little legs began to paddle above the water.

Buster enjoying his time at the beach (Image: Adam Matthews)

Adam Matthews, 35, likes to go for long scenic walks in the Peak District with Buster and girlfriend Kate Wilkinson. The couple currently live in Newark in Nottinghamshire, and go on adventures in the Peak District once a month to explore the rivers and trails on offer.

Buster loves their days out in the great outdoors and rarely passes up the chance for a spot of swimming.

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Adam said: “Buster is a good swimmer. He loves to swim in the lake near my house. But our favourite place to go is Tintwistle in Derbyshire.”

When Kate was filming the pair crossing a river in Dovedale, they were surprised to see confused Buster doggy paddling in the air, despite being nowhere near the water. He was clearly gearing up for a splash down.

Adam said: “I would normally let him jump across, but he wouldn't because it was higher than usual.”

The funny video captures Buster tucked under Adam’s arm, with his furry legs instinctively in motion in the air. Both Adam and Kate can be heard laughing at their pup’s antics.

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Buster made others smile too as Adam shared the funny moment in a Peak District walking group. The video received over 1.3K likes with Facebook users calling him ‘cute’, ‘hilarious’ and one user, Polly Marsh, said “I think he will go viral.”

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