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Couple and rescue dog aim to walk 100 miles

The trio are hoping to raise £300 for Parkinson’s UK

Chloe Bowen

Posted 2 months ago ago

Buck the rescue pup and Becky (Image: Joe McGrath)

By Chloe Bowen 

What better way to raise money for charity than to take on a walking challenge with your rescue dog? Joe McGrath and Becky Sharp, from Stockport, are taking on the challenge of walking 100 miles in July to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK.  

And accompanying them is their adorable pup Buck, who was rescued from Bosnia. The couple aim to raise £300 from the event. 

Joe said: “We got Buck from the incredible Dogs4Rescue in Eccles – a truly incredible place that takes in dogs to give them the best possible life. We went to visit their site in July last year. On the day of arrival, they had just taken delivery of some incredible street dogs from Bosnia.  

“One just so happened to be a six-month-old dog called Buck. We returned the next day to take Buck back with us. It was a very challenging couple of months with him at first but he was also a joy. Now Buck is a star we adore him so much.” 

The challenge throughout July is seeing the trio take on different walking routes to clock up their miles. They have a list of walks in the Peak District and Lake District lined up for their bigger walking trips at the end of the month. 

So far, the walks have been going well, with Buck particularly showing his enthusiasm. On one of their walks, Joe caught Buck on video getting excited when discovering some sand.  

Buck discovering sand along his walk (Video: Joe McGrath)

Joe said: “There are so many benefits to this challenge. We can explore new places, get fitter as we do so and Buck can meet new dogs along the way. We knew that July might offer some of the nicest weather for Buck and hopefully not too much rain. However, we’ve had all sorts of weather in the opening two weeks, I wouldn't be surprised if we encounter some snow along the way.” 

Raising money for Parkinson’s UK, the charity is important to Joe and his family. Joe said: “My Granny Mary has suffered with Parkinson's since being in her 40s. Now in her 80s, she is still suffering with the illness. We thought it would be a nice idea for us all to raise money for Parkinson’s UK as a way of showing our love to Granny Mary and to the amazing work Parkinson's UK does.” 

Sadly, Mary hasn't met Buck yet as she is in a care home. Joe said: “We are planning on walking to Granny Mary's care home for our final walk on July 31. Restrictions mean she still might not be able to see Buck from her window but I will pick him up if I need to. 

“Buck normally has three walks a day but we are not counting his morning or evening walk into our challenge. Only the midday walks will all be added up to make 100 miles. We can take days off to rest up but we haven't had to do one of those yet, plus Buck never needs a day off. 

“Our favourite walk so far has been an eight-mile adventure down the River Mersey. We love walks that include water, so small lakes or streams, because Buck loves swimming.  

“We’re excited to find some new walks and visit new places with Buck. We would encourage everyone to think about a task like this, it has been such a positive task and so beneficial.”  

To support Joe, Becky and Buck on their challenge, donate here.

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