Council reassures dog owners parks are regularly checked after suspected poisoned meat | TeamDogs

Council reassures dog owners parks are regularly checked after suspected poisoned meat

Reports on community Facebook groups have warned dog owners of suspected poisoned meat in Leicestershire parks

Rebecca Astill

Posted 2 months ago ago

Dog owners in Leicestershire are reporting suspected poisoned meat found in parks: Christopher Hopefitch via Getty Images

Reports of a dog taken ill after eating something unidentified circulated dog interest groups on Facebook last month. 

A dog walker had to rush a dog to the vets after suspecting it had eaten poisoned meat in Knighton Park in Leicester on June 18.

The next day, the dog walker reported the dog was home and safe. The dog needed to be monitored for 24 hours and given liquid charcoal to absorb any poison left in its system.

A Leicester City Council spokesperson said, “We were aware of a report on social media of a dog being unwell after visiting Knighton Park, and we’ve been in contact with the dog walker involved.

“We take all such reports very seriously, and staff have thoroughly checked the area of the park concerned but have found no trace of any poisoned meat. Nor have we had any other reports of meat found or dogs falling ill.

 “We would encourage anyone who thinks their dog might have been poisoned to seek veterinary advice, report it to us and to the police.”

The report follows similar warnings made last November about suspected poisoned meat in Watermead Park which crosses the boundary of Leicester and Leicestershire. In this case a dog in the prime of its health died. A vet who examined its body supported the opinion that the death was caused by poisoned meat.

A spokesperson from Leicestershire County Council said, “We have rangers regularly checking our parks.”

With no concrete evidence in either cases, Leicestershire Police told TeamDogs they had received no reports of dogs being poisoned in Leicestershire parks.

Symptoms of poison include difficulty breathing, seizures and vomiting. If you suspect your dog has been poisoned, take them to the vet straightaway.