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Could your dog be a Guinness World Record holder?

From longest ears and smallest police dog to a pup with impressive skateboarding skills, here's a round up of canines who've made the grade

Susan Griffin

Posted 6 months ago ago

All dogs are special in their own way, although there are some pups who’ve received special recognition from Guinness World of Records for their own particular achievements and skills.

The longest tongue on a living dog

Credit: Guinness World Records

St Bernards are known for being pretty slobbery, but Mochi Rickert, a female St Bernard from Sioux Falls, United States, is the proud owner of the world’s longest tongue at 18.58cm (7.31in). The rescue dog won the title on August 25 2016.

Oldest dog ever

The average age for dogs to live is between eight and 15 years, but Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog from Rochester in the state of Victoria, made it to the incredibly ripe old age of 29-and-a-half years. He worked for 20 years on a sheep and cattle farm before he had to be put down on November 14, 1939.

Largest Dog Walk

Credit: Guinness World Records

Dog-walking is a pretty social activity for both a dog and its owner, but a dog walk organised on June 12 2011 took things to the extreme with 22,742 pups (of 182 different breeds) taking part in the Great North Dog Walk in South Shields.

Largest dog walk of a single breed

Credit: Guinness World Records

Meanwhile, the largest walk where all the dogs were from the same breed involved 1,029 Beagles who took part in a walk in Cheshire on April 22 2018.

Longest tail on a dog

Credit: Guinness World Records

A dog’s tail can offer so much insight into how it's feeling, so there’d be no mistaking Keon’s emotional state. His tail measured 76.8cm (30.2in) on August 18 2015, making this Irish Wolfhound from Belgium a world-record holder.

The tallest dog ever

Credit: Guinness World Records

This title goes to Zeus, a Great Dane from Michigan who measured a whopping 1.118m (44in) on October 4, 2011. Weighing 70.30kg (155lb), he’d get through 13.6kg (30lb) food every couple of weeks.

See a video of Zeus here

Smallest living dog by height

Credit: Guinness World Records

The small-but-mighty Milly, a Chihuahua from Puerto Rico, owns this tiny title. On February 21 2013, she measured just 9.65cm (3.8in) tall. Apparently when she was born, Milly was so small, she could fit in a teaspoon and had to be fed with an eyedropper!

Longest ears on a dog ever

Credit: Guinness World Records

The late Bloodhound Tigger is known to have had the longest ears at a flappy 34.9cm (13.75in) for the right ear, and 34.2 (13.5in) for the left, as recorded on September 29 2004. The Illinois pup passed away in 2009, but by then had been inducted into the Bloodhound Hall of Fame.

Smallest police dog

Credit: Guinness World Records

Admittedly not the most intimidating dog on patrol, little Midge, a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier cross coming in at 28cm (11in) tall and 58cm (23in) long still packed a punch as a police K9 in Ohio, specialising in narcotics. She earned the title of smallest police dog on November 7, 2006.

Longest human tunnel travelled through by a dog skateboarder

This one might be a niche record, but a Bulldog named Dai-Chan managed it in style when he skateboarded his way through 33 pairs of spread legs on September 17 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, surpassing his own record. Before that, Otto the Peruvian Bulldog, whose skateboarding antics went viral, had held the title.

See a video of Otto here

Most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog

Credit: Guinness World Records

Most dogs love to walk along with a ball in their mouth, but just the one isn’t enough for Finley Molloy, a Golden Retriever from New York. As of February 23 2020, boasts the record for holding six tennis balls in his mouth all at once. That’s going to make for one complex game of fetch.

Largest dog wedding ceremony

Credit: Guinness World Records

There was plenty of reason to pop the champagne on May 19 2007 when the largest ‘dog wedding’ ceremony took place in Colorado, with a total of 178 pairs of pups barking ‘I do’. It was a whirlwind for all involved as they’d met during a speed-dating event shortly before.

Loudest bark by a dog

Credit: Guinness World Records

You might find your own dog’s bark deafening at times, but take a moment for the owner of Charlie, a Golden Retriever, whose bark measured 113.1dB on October 20 2012 in Adelaide, Australia. That’s louder than a pneumatic jackhammer or a chainsaw!

Largest litter of dogs

Credit: Guinness World Records

Tia, a Neapolitan Mastiff, became the proud mum of 24 puppies on November 29 2004 when they were delivered by C-section in Cambridgeshire. There were nine females and 15 males but sadly, one of the pups was stillborn and three passed away in the first week.

Most expensive dog

This accolade goes to Big Splash, a Red Tibetan Mastiff. In March 2011, he was sold to a Chinese multi-millionaire for the princely sum of £945,000, making him the priciest pup in the world.

Most skips by a dog in one minute

Credit: Guinness World Records

Geronimo, a female Border Collie, is the light-pawed holder of this record. She managed 91 jump-rope skips in New York City on May 13 2012.

Most dogs walked simultaneously by an individual

Credit: Guinness World Records

Most people would find themselves tangled up with just two leads, so you have to applaud the considerable efforts of Maria Harman who walked 36 dogs at once in Brisbane, Australia, on June 17 2018.

Most roll-overs by a dog in a minute

There was no time for belly rubs for Jacob, a Jack Russell Terrier, in Exeter on February 17 2018. He was too busy becoming the record holder of the most roll-overs in a minute, with a total of 51, which he managed with owner Rachael Grylls.

Most dogs attending a film screening

Credit: Guinness World Records

Pups love settling down to watch their favourite fur-ball film, as proven by the 120 dogs who turned up to watch a screening of Pets 2 in Brazil on June 8 2019, making them all record-holders.

Largest dog photo shoot

Credit: Guinness World Records

It was all ‘puppy eyes to the camera’ for a photoshoot in Moscow involving 710 dogs on September 14 2019. Let’s hope they weren’t all jostling to show off their best angles.

Most dogs in a conga line

Credit: Guinness World Records

A total of eight dogs got into the party spirit on December 8 2019 in Todenbuttel, Germany, making them officially record-holders of the most dogs in a conga line. Credit to their trainer who was only 12 years old at the time.

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