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Could you give a blind dog a new and loving home?

They all need a second chance at happiness

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

Getting a new dog is an exciting time, whether that’s a puppy or a rescue, you're adding a super-cute new member to your family.

And while puppies might be adorable, they are hard work and require a lot of training.

But while adopting a rescue dog is still a huge commitment, you quite often miss out that puppy stage and can adopt a dog who's already been trained.

Plus, you’ll be giving a dog a second chance at life and a second chance at happiness.

Blind Dog Rescue UK is a small charity working to rehome blind and partially-sighted dogs. The dogs in its care are victims of abuse, neglect, disease or trauma, many of which have come from overseas.

The charity also rescues dogs from the UK. Many of which are unwanted by their owners or threatened with euthinasia without being given the chance to show the joy they can bring and the relatively normal lives they can lead.

Adoption fees vary but include travel to the UK, their vaccinations, pet passport, microchip and all preparation for travel. They also come with five weeks free insurance.

Blind Dog Rescue UK do not currently rehome dogs to families with children under the age of 10.

Do you think you could give one of these dogs a new and loving home?


Handsome Bruno is just a youngster, estimated to be born in 2020. This beautiful pup is totally blind and was found on the streets before being taken to safety.

He’s a happy boy who has learned to walk nicely on a lead and he gets on well with other dogs. He’d love a home with a garden and can live with another dog for company.


Partially-sighted Bono is a senior dog desperately looking for his forever home. He was rescued from a shelter in Romania and is a friendly boy with a lot of love to give. He gets on well with people and other dogs, and has formed quite the bond with Maja, so it would be nice for them to be rehomed together. He doesn’t get on so well with black dogs, but apart from that, he is a friendly chap.


Poor little Maja was abused as a puppy by some children and is now looking for a fresh start. The abuse caused a prolapse which has now been operated on leading to a happy young dog.

She’s been trained to walk on a lead and is very sociable with other dogs. She’s formed a strong bond with Bono and the charity would love it if they could be rehomed together.

Maja is fully sighted.


Partially-sighted Flora is approximately six or seven years old and she’s looking for a loving home. She’s currently in Romania and hasn’t yet been cat tested but she gets on well with other dogs.

She’s looking for a home with a garden.

Could you offer Flora a forever home?


As well as her sight loss, poor Souzy also spent many years unable to walk as her claws were growing into her paws. But rescued from a public shelter, and with her claws sorted, Souzy has been able to walk free from pain for the first time.

She’s a senior dog looking for a forever home, somewhere with a garden. She’s also looking to be rehomed somewhere with another dog as she adores the company of other dogs and likes to follow them around.


Meet Sam, a six to seven year old crossbreed looking for his forever home after he was rescued from the top of the list of a kill shelter.

A kill shelter is somewhere that accepts all animals with no restrictions. But this requires a lot of space and animals are often euthanised based on the length of their stay.

This lovely boy still has a lot of love to give a new family and is looking for a home with a garden and with owners who are prepared to give him lots of walks.

Sam deserves a second chance at life, could you give that to him?


Partially-sighted Harold is another dog rescued from the kill shelter. He had contracted distemper but has now recovered. He is described as being very gentle and sweet and he’s currently being kept in a private shelter in Romania.

He’s also looking for a home with a garden and can live with other dogs for company.

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