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Corgi’s adorable reaction to being fed imaginary treats

The poor dog didn’t look too impressed

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

We all know our dogs love a treat, or two, or three...they’d just about eat anything given half the chance. Even fresh air it seems.

And that’s exactly what lots of dogs have been eating in a challenge doing the rounds on TikTok - nothing!

That’s right, they’ve been fed imaginary food, with many scoffing down lots of the ‘treats’ before eventually realising it was just a prank.

One dog looked visibly annoyed with his owner shooting them a disapproving side eye upon realising he’d been had.

It took the beautiful Corgi four treats before the confusion set in.

The video posted by @lacorgi has since had 6.6 million views. It was hilariously captioned with what the dog might have been thinking with one caption reading: “Am I just a joke to you?”

The hilarious video has had Tik Tok users crying with laughter with many commenting on the dog’s expression at the end.

One commented: “Dog side eye. Absolutely fierce.”

A second said: “I’m literally crying.”

A third added: ““Oh my goodness! The reaction at the end! So precious!”

Another user wrote: “You can see the distrust deepen with every disappointment.”

“That’s cute and mean at the same time,” said another.

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