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Cool dog-friendly brunch spots in Manchester

You don't have to leave your pooch at home next time you go for brunch


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When we all return to restaurants and cafes later this summer, there’s a good chance that brunch is going to be high on your wish-list. 

After that Saturday morning dog-walk to work up an appetite, you know you’ll deserve that relaxed mid-morning coffee, eggs done a dozen ways, or high-stacked pancakes and baskets of buttery pastries… maybe even a bit of bacon or sausage to slip under the table to that good boy or girl waiting patiently with you? . 

We can’t wait to get our brunches back, so here’s where to head in Manchester city centre for a warm welcome for both you and your dog.

The Koffee Pot

Image credit, Magnus D

The fry-ups here are legendary, so you’d better save it for after one of those longer-than-you-expected walks. 

There’s both vegan and vegetarian options, depending on how smitten you are with eggs, but these don’t skimp with variations of broccoli, butternut squash and kale included on the plates alongside award-winning veggie sausages. 

And for the meat-eaters you can go properly international with the choice of a traditional full English, an Irish fry with black and white pudding, a potato cake AND soda bread, or the Big Yin, which includes haggis, square sausage AND a totty scone. You and the pup might need a second walk to burn it all off! 

84-86 Oldham St, M4 1LE

Northern Tea Power

A proper brew, a space on the floor for your pet and a bit of spice on your plate - Northern Tea Power has it all on the menu. 

Their eggs on toast are dusted with za’atar and the bacon sandwich comes with a homemade kasundi - an Indian-flavoured savoury tomato and mustard chutney. If you’re feeling more Continental, there’s two versions of rosti - one with sausage, bacon, egg and hollandaise, and the other swapping in hot smoked salmon and spinach for the meat.

There’s more than 20 teas on the menu, plus their own seasonal Deerhunter espresso or a matcha or chai latte to wash it all down.

G22 Smithfield Building, M4 1LA

Image credit, Mecael

Ezra and Gil

The classic options for breakfast are here, but after dreary months of lockdown you probably want to give your tastebuds a big wake-up. 

How about smashed oven-roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, crumbled feta, free-range poached egg, pumpkin seeds, toasted pine nuts, black sesame seeds and beetroot houmous? 

Or if you need to sweeten up a bit, there’s a brunch dish that wouldn’t look out of place on a dessert menu: brioche French toast with maple syrup, toffee mascarpone, crumbled Biscoff, bananas, pecans and caramel sauce. That sugar coma will likely last all weekend, but what a way to go!

20 Hilton Street, M1 1FR

The Counter House 

Image credit, MEN

They do ‘Big Plates’ here, but there’s no rule to say you have to share, apart from those sneaky treats to your patiently waiting dogs.

The huevos rancheros come with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, fried eggs, melted cheddar, salsa - which might make your puppy pout, but you can order in sausage or bacon as an extra. 

If pancakes take your fancy, there’s a stack topped with peanut butter and raspberry sauce that could set you up for the day if you’re a fan of PB+J sandwiches. 

35 Blossom Street M4 6AJ

The Banyan Tree

This dog-friendly spot is a hit with foodies all through the day and night, and has generous breakfast and brunch hours of 10am-3pm so there’s no need to rush those walkies, unless your tummy is really rumbling. 

For a step-up from your usual beans on toast, try their ‘Sticky BBQ Beans on Sourdough’ that come with fried eggs and bacon lardons, or ‘Eggs Alabama’ is a refreshing change to the usual Benedict, with chorizo and avocado under that silky blanket of hollandaise.

Moho Building, Ellesmere Street, M15 4JY

Image credit, MEN


Just because it’s a Japanese-inspired restaurant and bar doesn’t mean this place can’t serve you a brilliant brunch. It’s a later starter, only opening from noon, but the menu is going to wake up your taste buds with bold flavours and clever takes on breakfast classics. 

They do their smashed avocado on sourdough with charred lemon and pepper-crusted egg. Waffles come with robata-grilled pineapple and candied walnut miso caramel or Tokyo fried chicken with barley-malt syrup. 

The Szechuan pepper pastrami hash is the perfect bed for a poached duck egg, with charred cabbage and caramelised onions on the side that takes a New York staple and grants it a plane ticket to Kyoto!

Newton Street, 41 2AE 

The Pen and Pencil

The bottomless brunch here is returning on May 29, but you know it will be worth the wait. 

The vegan and vegetarian breakfasts are usually a good option with the too-tasty-to-be-true mushroom and lentil patties. Depending on your order, they come with halloumi and eggs or guacamole, spinach and asparagus. 

The smoothies are packed full of fruit and flavour, but if you’re feeling really indulgent there are a couple of brunch cocktails, including the P&P Iced Tea that may leave you relying on your faithful dog to show you the way home again…

57 Hilton Street, M1 2EJ

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