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Cockapoo nails Princess Diana impression

The pups face has stunned Twitter users for its uncanny resemblance

Paul McAuley

Posted 58d ago

By Bethan Shufflebotham

A cockapoo puppy has stunned the internet for their ‘impression’ of Princess Diana.

The princess - well known for her fashionable hairstyle - also had an iconic ‘look’, which Emma Corrin recreated beautifully in The Crown.

Diana had a signature doe-eyed glance from beneath her winged 80s blowout - and one cockapoo has got the look down to a tee.

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The look sees Diana tilt her chin down slightly, looking up out of the corner of her eyes, giving an air of shyness.

The cockapoo absolutely mastered the sweet stare, captured on camera by John O’Sullivan, who posted the snap to Twitter.

Originally tweeted out in 2015, the post has resurfaced this week, gaining over 400 retweets.

The post simply reads: “Here is my friend’s dog doing an impression of Princess Diana.”

The likeness is uncanny - and one Twitter user altered one of Diana’s quotes from the Martin Bashir interview, writing: "Well, there were three of us in the kennel, so it was a bit crowded."

Since the tweet resurfaced, other dog owners have rushed to find pictures of their dogs doing ‘the Diana’ - but none come close to the accuracy of this one.

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Another Twitter user said: “This made me laugh out loud by myself. I don't think a tweet has ever done that for me before. It is literally 'Diana face'.”

Now, when Elizabeth Debicki takes over as Diana in The Crown season 5, she knows which pup to take her tips from! 

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