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Chihuahua's furious reaction to street performer dressed as a bush

She's ‘small but mighty’

Danielle Elton

Posted 2 months ago

The way our dogs react to people and things can have us baffled at times, and leave us crying with laughter.

One of those dogs was Chihuahua Bella, and her reaction to an innocent street performer. She obviously wasn't impressed with his performance.

Posting a video on both Instagram and TikTok, Bella can be seen walking over to investigate the performer who’s dressed as a bush.

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In the clip, recorded during the Manchester Flower Show, the bush man waves and starts to interact with Bella when she starts barking at him.

Bella was clearly unsure what to make of him.

Posted by @Bellachihuahuadog on TikTok, the video has so far had 99.5k views and a handful of comments, most wanting the dog to pee on the man as if she might do a real bush.

One commented: “Am I the only one wanting him to pee on the Bush man?”

A second said: “Was waiting for the dog to wee on him.”

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A third added: “My dog would pee on him.”

“Small but mighty,” said another.

Chihuahuas like Bella are currently 24th in a poll to find the UK’s Favourite Breed and there is still time for you to vote here

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