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Chase, fetch, bite, belly rubs and repeat: A typical day in the life of a Welsh puppy

Every puppy parent will relate to this video about what a hard job it is being so totally adorable

Hannah Jones

Posted 6 months ago ago

What do puppies do all day anyway? You know, apart from look super cute for a living, nap lots and wee lots? We spent 24 hours in the day of one of the stars of TeamDogs to find out how 12-week-old cockapoo Brynmor Bobbles Boogaloo III (or Bryn to his friends) spends his precious time.

Like their noses, every dog is different.

(What, you didn't know that their super snouts also happen to be as unique as a human fingerprint? We're ALL OVER stuff like this as proud puppy parents here at TeamDogs).

But they all have certain things in common.

Just like Bryn from Llanbradach, a typical day starts around 6am with games of chase and fetch, followed by chewing a bone (6.10am), chewing footwear (6.15am), chewing a table leg (6.20am), chewing his own tail (you get the picture!) and chewing fingers (especially if there's peanut butter on the end of them... but he finds them equally as tasty without).

From there it's a series of short power naps then swiftly onto chewing his owner (me!), turning over for belly rubs to charm you into forgetting he's like mini Jaws with paws with his biting, then a spot of gardening in the afternoon (so, so, so helpful).

More chasing, fetching and 'keeping owner on toes' escape games in the garden and it's time for domestic chores.

Because keeping an eye on the washing machine is thirsty but dull work, it's over before you've got time to run a 30 wash and it's back to early evening back belly rubs again, more chomping on fingers/hands/feet/toes/me, incalculable more games of chase and fetch before a carrot treat before bedtime (9pm as that gardening was tough going)... and repeat!

You'll never get bored with the adventure.

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