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CCTV footage shows sleeping dog pounced on by hungry leopard

Luckily, Tommy miraculously managed to escape

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Pankaj Maharaj 

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw a leopard snatch a sleeping dog in this incredible video. We’re so happy the dog managed to escape! 

The dog, named Tommy, miraculously cheated death after being snatched by a hungry leopard who pounced on him while sleeping outside his home in southern India. 

CCTV footage shows Tommy sleeping outside of his owner's porch as the wild predator sneaks up behind him. The spotted cat scoops up the terrified dog, sinking its fangs into the pet’s neck before carrying him into the darkness. 


The leopard can be seen creeping up on the sleeping dog. (Image: Pankaj Maharaj - xNewslionsPM/ Matthew Newby/SWNS) 

But seconds later a nearby CCTV camera, in Mudbidri, shows the dog fleeing for its life down a narrow back alley with the ravenous leopard chasing behind. The leopard then stops in its tracks before turning around the other way, having realised the dog managed to escape.  

In recent years India has seen an increase in leopards preying on domestic animals for an easy meal. It is estimated 1,500 dogs are killed by leopards each year in the country, although the vast majority are feral.  

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