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Caught on camera! Naughty dogs spotted misbehaving on pet cam

Doogy and Naya had no idea they were being watched

Fiona Callow

Posted 54d ago

By Fiona Callow and Simon Green

Two cheeky siblings decided to seize the opportunity while their owner was out to go head to head in a game of tug of war over a blanket.

But as soon as they heard their owner Cassidy Crowe at the door, Doogy and Naya, turned on the charm with their best puppy dog eyes, not knowing that a camera had captured the whole thing.

The video shows them abandoning the incriminating evidence on the floor and jumping on the sofa. They even glance down in unison at the blanket, as if they’re surprised to see it there, reports Daily Star.

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Cassidy, who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, with the mischievous pair described the incident as being “quite funny.”

The playful pair start a game of tug of war (Image: Instagram @doogybaby)

She said: “They just heard me coming home at the door. I don’t know if they were afraid of getting caught playing or just surprised.”

The video was initially shared to the dogs’ Instagram account @doogybaby. It was then posted by @furbodogcamera where it was seen thousands of times.

This isn’t Doogy and Naya’s first naughty escapade as their owner caught them playing with a pile of freshly washed laundry. 

The dogs are “extremely close” and were originally born on the streets of South Korea, before being rescued.

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Nothing to see here! The pair's innocent act is fooling nobody (Image: Instagram @doogybaby)

Cassidy added: “We adopted Doogy first, not knowing he had siblings that survived and when we got Naya a few months later Doogy’s entire personality changed,” 

“He never barked before at all, and after Naya came he became much more confident and vocal, and more playful. They sleep cuddling every night and are quite jealous and protective of each other.”

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