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Canine kleptomaniac caught stealing pillows from around the house

The naughty dog removes all the soft furnishings in this funny video

Hannah Simpson

Posted 6d ago

By Jamie Smith

Walks, treats and balls are high on the list of dogs’ favourite things.

But this cheeky Catahoula Leopard/Beagle cross has an unusual obsession… pillows.

Amos, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, was caught red-pawed stealing pillows from his owner’s home in this funny video. 

But this is not the first time the dog has been caught stealing things that aren’t his.

The light-pawed dog has a tendency to take household items, according to owner Melissa Pearce, including clothes, shoes and bathmats. 

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The video shows an excitable Amos running into his owner’s living room on several occasions grabbing pillows and running with them outside into the garden.

In the recording, Melissa shows the large collection of soft furnishings that Amos has gathered and left lying on the lawn. 

Amos caught removing pillows from the house. (Image: SWNS)

Melissa, 35, said: “Amos has always loved stealing things. Since the day we adopted him, he's been a thief. Shoes, underwear, clothes, pillows, blankets, bathmats. You name it – he loves it. 

"When we moved into our new house he continued to steal but sporadically. Towards the end of last year and beginning of this year, he developed a fear of crossing through a corridor in our house because of loud noises.

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“The stealing from the front of the house stopped and he wouldn't even bring his toys out. We worked with our trainer to help him gain his confidence to go through the corridor.

“Ever since then, every single day he steals our pillows from the lounge room and takes them either outside or to our bedroom.

“He sometimes takes a couple, but sometimes he takes them all. They usually all end up outside and I have to bring them back in.

“He has even started to steal pillows at my parents' place, which he never used to do. 

“To be honest, I think it's hilarious and it's so cute but I do wonder what is going on in his head. He does it every single day."

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