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Can you remember all the Blue Peter dogs and what happened to them

The show has had a number of dogs appear on screen throughout its time.

Paul McAuley

Posted 3 months ago

The show's latest dog a beagle-basset hound cross called Henry. BBC

Blue Peter has been on our screens since 1958 and is the longest-running children's TV series in the world but can you remember what happened to all the dogs that appeared on the show throughout its run?

There have been 24 pets in all, including, tortoises, cats, horses and parrots, and a host of guide dogs appearing on the show throughout children’s television series.

For 27 years, when not on TV, these pets were often looked after by Blue Peter's long-standing pet keeper Edith Menezes, who died in 1994.

Currently starring on the show is rescue dog, Henry, but before him there was array of previous resident dogs.

Can you remember all of their canine companions?


Blue Peter’s first dog, Petra, appeared way back in 1962. She didn’t actually like the studio at first but had a change of heart when presenter Peter Purves took her under his wing after he joined.

Peter Purves holds Petra, the first Blue Peter dog. Getty Images

Petra remains one of the best-known pups of the show and up until 2011 was one of the longest serving Blue Peter pets.

It was later revealed that the original unnamed puppy had died a few days after her first appearance and instead of upsetting children, the programme bought a similar-looking replacement puppy which was subsequently named Petra by the viewers.

Now a statue remains in the Blue Peter garden in her name.


Patch, who was one of Petra’s puppies, first arrived in 1965 as John Noakes’s Blue Peter dog.

Pictured at RAF Lyneham are presenters John Noakes, Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton with Petra (dark dog), Patch and Jason the cat. Daily Mirror

Patch had a distinctive mark around one of his eyes, giving him his name.


Following in Patch’s pawprints was Shep. He was said to be very loyal and easily excitable.

John Noakes with Blue Peter Dog Shep. Hulton Archive

The Border Collie also lived with presenter, John Noakes. The pair shared a very special relationship and John’s constant nagging towards Shep became the iconic catchphrase - "Get down, Shep!"

When John left the BBC, he was still able to keep Shep by his side.


In 1978 came Goldie. She was presenter Simon Groom's biggest support on set.

Simon Groom and Sarah Greene with dog Goldie and cats Jack and Jill. BBC

The female Golden Retriever was named by the viewers and began the long list of the breed to appear on the show. She went on to have puppies with one of them, Bonnie, also becoming a BP dog.

Goldie was also featured as the mascot for UK Gold.


Bonnie took over from her mum Goldie.

On her last ever programme, she was presented with a specially made collar with a Gold Badge embedded. It was the first time any pet was given a Blue Peter badge.

TV presenter Janet Ellis with Bonnie the Blue Peter dog. BBC

The famous Blue Peter badge first launched in the sixties and there are six different types - blue, silver, green, sport, purple, orange, gold and diamond - and now, nearly 200,000 under 16s are owners of at least one.

Mabel & Lucy

Mabel was Blue Peter's first rescue dog. She appeared when she was only six months old and did so for the next 14 years. Her name came from the label on her RSPCA kennel – MAB1.

The Border Collie was known for her different coloured eyes – one was blue the other brown – and ears.

The Queen makes friends with Blue Peter dog Mabel. BBC

Lucy was on the show for 12 years and once famously wandered into Paul O’Grady’s dressing room but was scared off by his own dog. The pedigree Golden Retriever sadly passed away after struggling with cancer.

Lucy the Golden Retriever and presenter Simon Thomas. BBC


Meg belonged to presenter Matt Baker and while not considered to be an official BP pet, as she lived with Barker’s family in County Durham training as a sheepdog, she often helped Matt present.

Matt Baker with his dog Meg. BBC

Her most memorable moments while on the show included demonstrating her sheepdog skills and giving birth to a litter of puppies.

When Meg died in 2011, a model of the Border Collie was placed at Jorvik Centre in York, made from a cast of the pet. She was the first Blue Peter dog whose death was not mentioned on the programme.


Lindsey Russell with the show's latest dog, a beagle-basset hound cross called Henry. BBC

Henry now stars on the show and is a beagle/basset hound cross. He was rescued from Dogs Trust when he was two years old, and is owned by a member of the Blue Peter production team.

He is excitable and sometimes has to walk off set because of his desire to play.

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