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Can I have my dog buried at a cemetery?

Burials are a way of commemorating the passing of a beloved pet


Posted 7 months ago ago

When a dog passes, people want to find a fitting way of commemorating their lost companion and putting them to rest. However, people aren’t always clear on what options are available to them - one of the most common enquiries being whether or not a dog can be buried at a cemetery. 

As far as a regular cemetery is concerned, the answer is no. Usually, the only place that a dog (or any pet) can be buried is in the back garden of a home - and only so long as the person whose dog it was owns the home. Various rules are in place regarding the burial of pets, in an effort to minimise the risks that can come from ‘animal by-products’, as they are classified. Part of this is making sure animals are not buried haphazardly in unsuitable places - so there are firm restrictions on where pets can be interred. 

However, while a regular cemetery is a no-go, there are pet cemeteries for people who want to go the extra step in commemorating their dog. Pet cemeteries have to adhere to similar sets of rules - not being built within certain distances of water sources for instance - but can provide a space and a monument for someone to pay tribute to their pooch. 

A person might choose a pet cemetery for any number of reasons. If their dog was a particularly faithful companion, they might feel a plot and memorial is necessary to properly commemorate their passing. Finding a peaceful and picturesque place for their dog to rest is also likely to help some people process their grief properly. One other advantage of a pet cemetery is that, while a pet cannot be buried in a human cemetery, there are some pet cemeteries that will bury people in a plot alongside their pets when they pass away.

There is a list of official pet cemeteries that can be found on the APPCC wesbite, for anyone who is considering an official burial for their pet. While the back garden is a perfect place for some families, a pet cemetery is a viable option for anyone who wants their precious pooch to have a more lasting tribute.

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