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Can I claim pet insurance if my dog is stolen?

Most plans cover up to a minimum of £1,000 for a reward

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 7 months ago ago

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare. The prospect of your dog getting stolen does not bear thinking about. But if the unfortunate case were to happen, it is good to know what help is available.

Missing dogs are not generally covered under standard insurance plans, but many offer cover through optional additional policies. If you have an escape artist for a pet, it might be something to consider.

The compensation is to cover what is necessary to look for your missing dog, and for the original ownership cost if your search is unsuccessful.

Advertising and rewards

When your dog is lost, the first people you turn to are the public. You need to raise awareness for potential sightings so online and local promotion is necessary. Social media and specialist websites can be the first stop, then physical flyers and posters to attract additional attention.

Most plans cover up to a minimum of £1,000 of advertising or reward expenses. Every company is different, so before offering a reward you must consult your insurance company for approval.

Loss or theft

Though we hope for a different outcome, not all dogs are reunited with their family. With the help they offer, it is obvious insurance companies wish for a happier result; some plans even go as far to cover accommodation during a search if a pet is lost outside of the UK, in the EU.

As soon as you realise your pet is missing, you must alert an authority for a written report and state to a vet when they were last seen. Understandably, companies expect that you would prefer your dog's safe return over a pay out, so they need to see evidence of advertising and search for your pet.

If there is no luck after at least 45 days, you can claim a payment for your missing dog (timeframes vary between companies). For the maximum amount of loss compensation, you must provide proof of initial purchase of your pet.

If your pet is returned, you must repay the amount given.

Though your pet insurance cannot resolve the emotional anguish of losing a pet, they can help relieve the financial stress during the terrible time.

Make sure you always check your policy documents to see what your insurance covers.

Here’s some things to remember: 

  • If your dog has gone missing, report it to the microchip database.
  • Websites like DogLost create a UK database for the public to access.
  • If you believe that your pet has been stolen, contact your local police.
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