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Best dog grooming products for grooming at home

From washing to nail trimming, these products can help with grooming your dog at home


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We can all admit that sometimes our dogs get that little bit too smelly and a little bit too scrappy. After all, an animal that rolls around in mud for fun isn’t going to care about personal hygiene. 

But regular grooming should be a priority in all households. Not only does it prevent uncomfortable matts and tangles, it tames that dreaded shedding that covers the house. Plus, who can resist a snuggle with a freshly bathed pooch?


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We all want our dogs to smell refreshed and clean, so the mintiness of  allPaws’ Cleansing Dog Shampoo is a great choice. Shampoo for dry skin often uses oatmeal as an ingredient for its super hydrating and soothing qualities. It’s really important that you choose the correct shampoo for your dog or else you might exacerbate underlying problems. If your dog has sensitive skin, choose an unscented shampoo. We also recommend a daily spray that can help with drier skin as well as maintaining a soft coat, like Groomers Evening Primrose Oil Conditioning Spray.

Hate that wet dog smell? Why not invest in a drying robe for your pooch to absorb any excess water and keep them warm after their wash.

If your dog just needs a little scent-refresher, try a deodorising spray like Pet Head’s Poof Magical Deodorising Spray or a fragrance mist like Nootie’s Daily Spritz.


The world of brushes is somewhat overwhelming but it is a vital tool that can help maintain a great coat and prevent a host of problems. If your dog has hair that easily mats, you need to keep up a routine that will prevent discomfort or the need for close-shaving when they’re next at the groomers. Here’s a breakdown of which brush suits which fur type:

We suggest the brand FURminator that has five-star reviews for many of its grooming products, most popular being their bathing brush and deshedding tool for various fur types.

Alternatively, you could try Rosewood’s slicker brushes and combs. If your dog scares at the sight of a brush, try a grooming glove to ease into brushing.

For hair that often tangles, you might want to spray their fur with a detangling conditioner to try maintain smooth results.

Nail trimming

If your dog doesn’t get much exercise on concrete, their nails might not get the natural filing they need in between trips to professional groomers. Instead of clippers, you can buy an electric nail file if you’re worried about catching your dog’s quick. Though it takes more time, your dog should eventually settle down and realise he’s there for the long run.

If your pooch suffers from painfully dry paws, you can use coconut oil or olive oil as a cheap solution. Balms and butters also exist, just make sure they don’t ingest too much trying to lick it off.

Grooming might seem like an unnecessary luxury since it is mainly for aesthetics. However you should always try to maintain a routine for your dog’s own comfort.

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