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Bella crowned the most popular name for dogs

Hugo, Charlie and Luna were among favourites

Danielle Elton

Posted 6 months ago ago

Bringing home a new pup is exciting, we all know that. They might turn our lives completely upside down, but they also bring a lot of love and from the moment our eyes first meet, they become our furbabies.

And although many of those firsts we experience with our dogs might differ from babies - first time outside, first walk, the first time they lick your face - there are some experiences that bring a similar sense of responsibility and emotion.

Naming your dog being one.

But what do you name your dog? Do you go for a more human sounding name or a typical dog name?

Whatever you decide, just make sure it’s one you’re comfortable shouting in public.

Research by GoCompare has revealed some of the most common names for dogs.

Since September 2019, GoCompare gave 580,474 quotes for pet insurance. Out of those, there have been some popular dog names emerging. 

Bella took the top spot as the most popular name for dogs, closely followed by Charlie in second place and Luna in third.

However, for puppies during lockdown, the favourites were Luna, Bella, Milo, Teddy and Buddy.

Charlie has been a popular dog name for decades, it bagged the top spot during the 90s.

The research also found that names varied by breed.

Want to know what you should name your Pug? Frank was favourite. What about Bulldogs? Winston came out on top. And how about the top name for a Whippet? Blue was the name of choice.

Other popular names included Hugo, Ruby and Coco.

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