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Behind the scenes with Hollyoaks stars and their adorable dogs including Jorgie Porter and Lady

There aren't many dogs on the soap but off screen many of the cast have some gorgeous pets

Paul McAuley

Posted 2 months ago ago

Jorgie Porter and Lady. Instagram

Hollyoaks has been on our screens for 26 years now and it’s still proving as iconic as ever.

The soap, which is filmed in Childwall, launched in October 1995 with just one episode a week.

Since then, we have been introduced to hundreds of characters and their stories but sadly compared to other soaps such as Coronation Street, there has only been a few appearances of dogs throughout this time.

Although the pub being called Dog in the Pond is a nice effort, there aren't as many pets starring in Hollyoaks itself.

However a number of the cast are no strangers to sharing pictures behind the scenes with their own best friends.

Gregory Finnegan and Willow

Gregory Finnegan first appeared on our screen in 2016 and has continued to play the villainous lawyer James Nightingale since. James has been involved in one storyline plot after another from a love-triangle to two suspected murders.

However, off-screen Gregory has introduced a new member to the family during lockdown.


Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Here’s looking at you kid…the newest addition to the family… Willow is finally here! (If her eyes stay the same, 1 brown & 1 blue we may have to her rename her Bowie!)”

He then went onto reveal that the Bordoodle puppy was settling in brilliantly and is the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Sarah Jayne Dunn and Ronnie

Another who has added to their family recently is Sarah Jayne Dunn, who plays Mandy Richardson.


Sarah has been appearing on the Channel 4 show on and off since 1996, when she was only 14, coming into the village as a ‘wannabe supermodel,’ Sarah is now involved in a dark abuse storyline.

In May, she announced via TikTok she became a mum to another dog pug – Ronnie.

Ronnie is the second pug in the family, with 6-year-old Ming Ming being the first.

Adam Woodward


Meanwhile, Adam Woodward, best known for his portrayal of Brody, owns a Lhasa Apso.

He won the Best Male Dramatic Performance at the 2019 British Soap Awards for his portrayal, but we think he should win the own's the cutest dog award.

Rhiannon Clements and Mick

Rhiannon Clements plays newcomer Summer Range and is already making an impact. Currently, she is going through with a wedding just to get revenge on her partner who played role in killer her onscreen father.

Fans might recognise Rhiannon from her stint in Doctor Who or from social media for sharing adorable pictures of her puppy in matching outfits.


Mick, who Rhiannon refers to as her goblin, recently turned one.

Jorgie Porter and Lady

Jorgie Porter, an onscreen member of the infamous McQueen clan, plays ditsy blonde Theresa, but offscreen is a loving owner to Lady.

Lady is a Bichon Frise cross Jack Russell Terrier with one ear and was adopted by Jorgie at just three months old.

Jorgie even has a whole Instagram highlight dedicated to her.

Alan Carr and Joyce and Bev

Although not a cast member, but still a worthy mention, Alan Carr.

Lime Pictures

In 2018, The Chatty Man host can be seen making a brief cameo in the village as a nosey dog-walker.

By his side is his actual two red setters, Joyce and Bev.

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