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Barney the terrier rescued from badger sett using a chicken sandwich

The RSPCA suggested using familiar smells to rescue Barney

Chloe Bowen

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Ed Chatterton 

We all know terriers are famous for chasing little furry things that disappear down holes. But Barney the wire fox terrier got himself stuck down a badger sett for 24 hours, until rescuers saved him by using a chicken sandwich to lure him out. 

Barney was on a walk with his owner Richard when he decided to dash off – and to Richard’s horror, he didn’t come back. 

Richard frantically began searching the woodland in Wootton before eventually finding the spot where his beloved pet had disappeared.   

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue attended the scene but couldn’t help without the right permits to disturb a badger sett – and darkness was also falling. 

Richard and his wife Sarah decided to camp out next to the area of tunnels overnight in case Barney re-emerged in the early hours. 

When Barney failed to reappear, the RSPCA managed to get a permit to search the site, but were not granted permission to do so until the following day. 

The animal charity had to come up with another idea to lure Barney out and suggested bringing familiar smells and sounds to the area.  

So Richard and Sarah returned with Barney's favourite – a chicken sandwich – as well as a couple of dogs from the street where they lived.