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Bangor park bench becomes doggie attraction in memory of old pal

The park has become a haven for dog lovers and their pets

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 4 months ago

Written by Jilly Beattie

It's just a simple wooden bench, but the dogs in the street know it's Benny’s bench.

The plain wooden seat set under a huge tree in a Co Down park has become a major attraction for dogs and their families from across Northern Ireland.

Set in place by Bangor woman Kelly Meharry in tribute to her dog Benny, it’s now a favoured rest stop for all sorts of pooches and their people.

And today to mark the first anniversary of Benny's death, we share some of the photos of those who have come to remember an old pal and those who promise to never forget him.

From chocolate Labs to German Shepherds, from fluffy bundles to grinning terriers, every shape, size and breed of dog stops off for a visit and of course to have their photos taken.

Kelly said: “I loved Benny with all my heart. His home with us was his fourth and his last, and when the council agreed to allow me a bench in Castle Park I was delighted because it was his favourite place.

“After he died suddenly from heart failure, I was shocked and bereft so when I successfully applied for a bench in his memory, it was a relief. And now it has become a real visitor attraction and we get endless photos of dogs posing at Benny’s bench.

"It’s hard to explain if you have to, and some people will never understand but Benny was just my best big boy and doing this in his memory has helped me cope with his death.”

Benny’s bench sits under a large tree in Castle Park, Bangor and all visitors are welcome.

Double hot chocolate please

Now that's a smile

This IS my best smile

What tongue?

When you're all dressed up and someone steps in front of the camera

Old pals

A regular visitor

We’re gonna need a bigger bench

Dogs on the furniture? Well why not?

Benny’s favourite spot. Now he's remembered with his bench under the tree of sniffs

What camera?

A wee westie seals the deal

Benny’s bench is the best, and that’s the long and short of it

I’m all ears

Who forgot the hair clips

Yorkie patrol

Contemplating whether or not to chat with the rabbits ...

Kelly and her old boy Benny and Molly, 8,

Jill and Molly at their big bro's bench

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