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Artist creates portrait of Manchester Dogs Home’s longest resident

Charlotte wanted to ‘shine a light’ on Snowflake’s situation

Fiona Callow

Posted 51d ago

(Image: Twitter: CWellingsUK)

She’s spent 250 days in kennels and has become Manchester Dogs Home’s longest staying resident. 

But hope is not lost for little Snowflake, a Cano Corso cross, as a Manchester dog lover has been raising awareness of his situation through art. 

Charlotte Wellings, a professional music and events photographer, wanted to turn Snowflake’s tragic story into a stunning art piece in hope it would help him secure a new home. 

During the lockdown she expanded her business to create portraits of dogs, which she then sells on Lark and Bark.

(Image Pets Loves Scruffs)

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She spent hours on the image, which is digitally created on Photoshop, to raise awareness. 

Charlotte said: “I wanted to shine a light on Snowflake’s situation, and other overlooked dogs that need a loving home.” 

Snowflake suffers with hip dysplasia which requires ongoing medical treatment. The shelter suspects it to be one of the main reasons she is being overlooked is the worry of the ongoing medical costs associated with adopting her.

Speaking to TeamDogs, Anthony Bilson, admin and spokesperson for Manchester Dogs’ Home, said: “She hasn’t had a lot of attention at all. I think one of the main reasons is that she has hip dysplasia that will require ongoing treatment. The cost of medical treatment turns people away.”

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She has also had her ears cropped, a cruel technique which removes the flap of the ear, and is illegal in England and Wales.

Anthony added: “Cane Corso’s aren’t really a well-known breed. The poor thing has had her ears cropped so that also puts people off. The sooner we can get her a home the better for her

mental health.”

The ideal home for Snowflake would be an adult-only environment, with owners that have

previous experience of larger dogs.

They will also need to be aware of her ongoing medical treatments. She is currently on painkillers, but would also benefit from hydrotherapy. 

You can find out more about Snowflake here and on Facebook.

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