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Adorable moment a puppy protects a baby trying to climb stairs

The Great Dane obviously has a sweet and caring nature

Danielle Elton

Posted 3 months ago ago

The bond we have with our dogs is unbreakable. We love them just like any other member of the family and we’d do absolutely anything for them.

It’s not something most people can understand, unless they’re a pet owner themselves.

But here at TeamDogs, we know exactly what that feels like. Our little furbabies are our world.

And while we know they love us too, would they care for and protect us in the same way that we would them?

One dog who definitely would is Great Dane Lisa. She’s proved just that after protecting a baby who tried to climb the stairs.

She’s basically a four-legged baby gate.

In an adorable video posted on Tik Tok by @hsearfoss, the five-month-old pup can be seen blocking the tot from trying to make his way up the stairs.

The caption read: “Lisa the Nanny Dog. Time to put up a gate!”

The video has gone viral on the video sharing site and has been viewed 11.7 million times with 1.7 million likes.

One commented: “Dogs are so smart. Around little babies they always protect them like their own babies.”

A second said: “She definitely was a mother in a past life.”

A third added: “No ma’am not on my watch.”

“Who needs a baby gate when you have this kind of friend,” wrote another.

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