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Adorable dog can’t stop wagging its tail after getting stuck in bin bag

Reddit users dubbed Dachshund lookalike Lexi ‘Rattle Snake Dog’ - though some warned about the dangers of plastic bags

Tilly Alexander

Posted 45d ago

(Image: Reddit/downriverrowing)

Dogs are the kings and queens of doing something silly and being proud of it. 

And top of this list is getting into things they shouldn’t. Whether that’s forbidden food, a neighbour’s garden or, er, even an empty bin bag… 

In fact, one Reddit user’s dog has been going viral on the content site for their playful antics with a trash bag. 

The clip, posted by Reddit user River, or downriverrowing, is titled ‘Lexi managed to get herself stuck in a bag and it resulted in the loudest of tail wags’. 

It opens with a shot of a pint-sized dog, who appears to be a Dachshund or similar breed, facing away from the camera towards a door. 

The sweet girl is wearing a grey plastic bag on her lower half and wagging her tail at speed, creating a shushing sound. 

(Image: Reddit/downriverrowing)

Her owner, who is from New Brunswick, in Canada, then speaks to her, saying: “Lexi. Did you get into the garbage?” 

As soon as her owner says her name, Little Lexi starts wagging her tail with even more force, causing the swishing sound to intensify. 

She also looks towards the camera with a happy face. 

Her owner adds: “I think you might have gotten into the garbage while we were gone.” 

The video, still trained on Lexi, shows her doing some spins and adorable little hops up and down, seemingly out of excitement, all while continuing making the funny sound. 

Lexi’s owner adds jokingly: “I’m taping this to show your Mummy what kind of dog you are. Yeh.” 

“Cause you’re an idiot. You deserve it.’ 

(Video: Reddit/downriverrowing)

Originally posted to subreddit thread r/aww - a space dedicated to cute and cuddly pictures - the sweet video has racked up more than 62,000 votes, as well as hundreds of comments. 

94 per cent of these are ‘upvotes’, which are similar to a ‘like’. 

The video has since been crossposted in a number of other threads on Reddit, including r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog, where one user dubbed Lexi the ‘Rattle Snake Dog’ - a comment that’s been upvoted 524 times. 

Many viewers on the original thread also made jokes. 

One Reddit user under the name RbySmile, commented: “New raincoat!” 

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Another also added: “She not idiot. She smart. She put on windbreaker!” 

Others showered sweet Lexi with adoration, with one user stating: “There is nothing else on this planet quite like a dachshund doof.” 

Some also questioned whether the video had been staged by Lexi’s owner, suggesting it would be difficult for the dog to get into that predicament by herself. 

However, as one user pointed out, Dachshunds are ‘a super nosey breed and also love to burrow in things’. 

There was also some concern expressed around dogs getting stuck in plastic bags, with commenters urging other owners to be careful. 

While little Lexi was fine thanks to the bag being on her back half, it can be potentially dangerous if it gets caught on a dog’s face. 

One commenter said: “It's not just sea turtles that die from plastic bags.” 

Another added: “I’m glad it’s not stuck on the other end. Suffocation is a legitimate danger for dogs.” 

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