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A hard-working hound that's also a faithful companion

If you lead an active lifestyle and love a good hike then the Border Collie is just the dog for you

Lorna Doran

Posted 3 months ago

By Rachel Sutherland

Known for their place on a farm, this breed also has a special place in my heart. 

Border Collies are loyal, super intelligent and have shed loads of energy. Five years down the line and my dog Vinny still gets mistaken for a sprightly pup by fellow dog walkers!

If you lead an active lifestyle and love a good hike then sheepdogs are definitely the type of pooch for you. Vinny will happily join me on 5km runs and it’s often me who struggles to keep up with him! Half an hour later, when I’m in a heap on the couch, Vinny will be raring to go on his next adventure.

Although he’s not always bouncing off the walls like a kid after eating a tube of Smarties, he does love a good cuddle and would let you stroke him all day, if he had it his way. Vinny, who adores being around his family of humans, certainly has a gentle spirit and gets on well with all dogs, the same can’t be said for cats on the other paw. 

If you’ve ever owned a Border Collie you may be familiar with one of their common traits - their intense stare, a technique used by working collies when faced with a stubborn sheep which has broken away from the herd. The hard-working hound will stare the sheep out, causing it to freeze with fear, until the farmer comes to collect it and then return it to the herd. Border Collies, which get their name from originally being bred on the borders of Scotland and England, will instinctively use this method when playing with toys, looking for attention and when after food. In Vinny’s case - he becomes fixated on his ball when playing fetch and also a less common toy - a piece of old hose pipe! 

Talking of toys, Vinny has lots of them and thanks to his high doggy IQ he can identify a handful of them by name. If you ask him about a particular toy he’ll bring you the exact one you asked for. The same goes for certain words too, any mention of a walk, going out or even just asking him ‘shall I put my shoes on?’ his ears will prick up! 

If you’re after a faithful companion on your walkies then the Border Collie is the dog for you.

Vet Linda, from Pooch & Mutt, says: 

1.You’ll need stamina to keep up with your Border Collie. This highly intelligent breed needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation to keep up with their seemingly unlimited energy levels

2.Whilst well-socialised Border Collies will get on well with children, it’s important to note their herding instincts which can result in bumps or falls for little ones. Care should always be taken with young children around Collies.

3.Collies are highly trainable and have even been known to outsmart their human counterparts at times. They are most content when busy or have a ‘job’ to do.

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