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8 dog accounts to follow on TikTok

Cute dog videos = instant mood boosters

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 6 months ago ago

Anyone else download TikTok at the start of the pandemic, and now find they spend 90% of their screen time watching dog videos on the app? It can’t just be me.

They’re instant mood boosters, allowing you to escape the Covid-19 doom scrolling, and instead laugh out loud at adorable doggos. 

Team Dogs have rounded up our eight favourite dog TikTok accounts this week - and they are absolute must follows.


Arrow is a catahoula leopard dog cross, but you’ll notice the little pooch looks a little different. The rescue dog suffered a broken jaw injury as a puppy and had to undergo a number of surgeries, including having part of his lower jaw removed, meaning his tongue hangs out all the time! His adorable antics have earned him over two million TikTok followers.


Sookie and Ivy are the sweetest little Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Their videos often see them taste testing treats, and their human recently invested in a tiny microphone, which makes for some adorable ASMR. Their owner is also a keen crocheter, so Sookie and Ivy model her creative emoji-inspired designs.


The name Staffy Six Pack was created before Bethany got her seventh staffy, Snoop - but the name has certainly stuck. You’ll be amazed by how still these staffies will sit for a treat. Their owner often takes them to fun dog shows dressed up as whole casts, from The Nativity, to a whole zoo of animals.What a talented bunch.


Honey the Iggy is a sassy Italian greyhound with 1.5 million followers on TikTok, and got her name because she’s ‘so sweet’. The little dog lives in Norway and has the best wardrobe! She’s just so stylish, and if she were a human, she’d definitely be a high-end fashion influencer like In The Frow.


Casper the collie and his sister Daisy create some hilarious lip dub videos with the help of their owner Ryan. Ryan puts voices over the lip and body movements of the chatty mutts, and makes it look like a full conversation. The videos have seen Casper accused of digging up the garden, pretending to be a sheep, auditioning for Star Paws, almost getting found out for going through the bin and trying to be president or prime minister.


Mork was rescued from the meat trade in China, now he’s a TikTok star. Mork has been likened to looking like ‘Baby Yoda’ with his unusual face! The account documents his adventures making friends and living his best life after surviving against the odds.


We’ve already spoken about Casper the talking dog, but Bunny has actually learned how to talk during the course of the pandemic. The sheepadoodle, who lives by the sea, has dozens of buttons she uses her paws to communicate with. She first learned the word ‘outside’ to let her humans know when she wanted to be let out, but now appears to comprehend and form conversations!


Handsome Tucker is always giving his owner ‘Linda’ sass, and has a lot to say! The golden retriever has the cutest squishy face, and demands treats and chicken. His chest floof is simply majestic - there’s no wonder he’s racked up 7.8 million followers!

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