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18 pictures of Merseyside Police Dogs looking pleased with themselves after saving the day in August

The force celebrated the dogs’ wins on their own Twitter account

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 40d ago

From recovering firearms to detaining fleeing drivers - the Merseyside Police Dogs are a force to be reckoned with.

In August, one even prevented a knife attack and detained a domestic violence offender.

The paws on the beat are part of a 40-strong canine team challenged with sniffing out sneaky suspects hiding under cars, or locating vital evidence.

 Sometimes, simply their presence at a scene can prevent a crime from being committed, with suspects surrendering to their bark.

Merseyside Police celebrate their canine colleagues on their own Twitter account, posting daily updates about what their hounds have gotten up to on shift.

Here are 18 photos of the Merseyside Police Dogs looking pretty pleased with themselves after successful shifts.

PD Xanto tracked down two stolen bikes and located a screwdriver left by the offenders. As Merseyside Police say… ‘Now, over to forensics’.

Merseyside Police received reports of two males attempting to steal motorbikes, so PD Capone and PD Cliff hit the beat to locate them. They were found hiding attempting to ditch a bag of tools. The men were arrested with property recovered.

Not one, but two pursuits for PD Quga, both in the Halewood area. Merseyside Police said: “Following a pursuit of a vehicle in Halewood, the driver was able to make good his escape however Quga and her handler located the abandoned vehicle and after searching nearby gardens Quga located the car key hidden away in long grass.”

She went on to assist in another pursuit and tracked the suspects into woodland, also locating a discarded phone and a ‘large quantity of Class A drugs’, along with the hidden car key.

After a woman was subjected to a ‘serious and sustained assault’ by her partner, they made off from the scene. But PD Annie was able to locate the offender and convince them to ‘behave’ with a flash of her teeth, where they were arrested and charged.

After threats had been made to stab someone PD Olly arrived and convinced the offender to give himself up, which Merseyside Police described as ‘a sensible decision’ and they took him off to custody.

When the driver of a stolen vehicle crashed and attempted to evade police on foot, he thought he’d found the perfect hiding spot in a building site.

But CCTV caught him trying to climb back out onto the streets - straight into the path of PD Falco.

Two days later, Falco was on the overnight shift again, assisting patrols with two cloned cars.

The first vehicle, on the Wirral, resulted in two arrests. Merseyside Police say the second was stolen from a burglary, and following a short pursuit, Falco and his handler were able to detain the driver.

When a car jumped a red light, both males occupying the vehicle made off, forcing PD Wilson to give chase. A man was arrested for drug offences and possession of a firearm after the police dog caught up with them. 

A productive shift for PD Mizz who tracked and located a suspected drug dealer who had run off from patrols. He also detained a male responsible for a ‘violent assault’.

Not satisfied with just two arrests, Mizz also attended a report of two offenders threatening people and causing damage with iron bars. 

Merseyside Police said: “Whilst officers had one detained, the other offender continued to cause damage. PD Mizz had something to say about that....one offender disarmed and detained.”

Double trouble PD Mizz and PD Olly joined forces to detain an offender and locate stolen property following a burglary. Merseyside Police revealed that the man was arrested, praising the dogs ‘sterling work’.

A mobile phone, ‘quantity’ of drugs and two males were arrested on PD Zak’s watch in Garston. Two males were stopped due to acting suspiciously, and the clever canine located the discarded property.

PD Dudley assisted in searching a house in Huyton, where a ‘large quantity of drugs’ were located and two occupants arrested. 

PD Falco managed to locate an offender hiding underneath a car after searching an alleyway and several gardens.

The male was wanted for domestic violence and assaulted two police officers before fleeing. PD Falco caught the suspect, who was detained at the scene.

Always up for a game of hide and seek, when two males breaking into cars attempted to hide, Mizz found one hiding in bushes and another under a car. Top work!

The nose knows. PD Annie was called to reports of a stolen vehicle which had been crashed, with three offenders fleeing the car. The hound picked up scent which led officers to ‘vital evidence’ that had been hidden in some long grass.

A large hunting knife and retractable baton were recovered by PD Yula after being called to a group of males with weapons.

Colleagues were able to detain the offenders, but saw no sign of weapons - but Yula managed to find them in the surrounding area.

When a Wirral driver ditched their car and ran off, PD Annie was on the scene to conduct a search of the area. She managed to find the offender's mobile phone hidden in an alleyway.

PD Yoko searched for nearly an hour for two males who were suspected motorbike thieves. But the intelligent canine didn’t give up and found them hiding in a back garden. 

‘You can try and hide it, but Sammy will find it!’ Merseyside Police said.

PD Sammy was out helping colleagues tackle county lines, and sniffed out a quantity of ‘ill-gotten’ cash hidden in a house.

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