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17 dogs from Manchester Dogs Trust in need of a forever home

Including best buds Dodge and Ronnie, Lady Penelope, and handsome Hugo.

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 2 months ago ago

If you have space in your heart and your home for a four-legged canine companion, then why not consider adopting a dog and giving them a second chance at life?

We need your help to find loving families for these gorgeous dogs that are currently being cared for at Manchester’s Dogs Trust rehoming centre.

Rescuing a dog is one of the most rewarding things a person can do - and it could change not only their life, but yours too.

Here we have 17 dogs waiting for the perfect pawrents, including best buds Dodge and Ronnie, as well as the elegant Lady Penelope, and handsome Hugo.


Bear is an energetic eight month old puppy looking for an active family in a husky-experienced home.

The handsome boy seeks exciting adventures, and would like to be coupled up with adopters with as much energy and enthusiasm as he has. 

Dogs Trust Manchester said: “Bear has so much potential with people who are dedicated and committed to his ongoing training.

“He is such an intelligent boy and would love a home with adopters who are enthusiastic about training and have the time and patience to help this boy really thrive.”

Bear is hoping to find a two-person home with no young visiting children. He would need to be the only dog in the home - preferably not open plan - but he does enjoy meeting other dogs on his walks. 

Bear is currently on medication for congenital cataracts, which is something potential adopters would need to be aware of.


Bruno is a sweet lurcher who needs a family that will help bring him out of his shell. The five-year-old dog has a limited history, but he’s ready to settle down with patient pawrents and potentially children over the age of 14.

He loves meeting new people, gentle fusses and of course, food. He’s made many human friends at the rehoming centre, but loves nothing more than finding a comfortable spot to enjoy a tasty treat. 

Dogs Trust added: “He does have a high prey drive so will need to be the only pet in the home and walks to be away from livestock. He will also be on a lead disclaimer so needs to be kept on a lead in public areas. 

“Bruno needs to be the only dog in the home, although he is happy to meet other Sighthounds out and about he is under-socialised with other breeds so generally chooses to avoid them, he will benefit from regular socialisation on walks to build his confidence with other dogs.”

This playful pooch requires a medium to large garden for doing his zoomies, and the owners will need breed knowledge and experience.


Cooper is described as a bit of a goofball, but that’s exactly why all the staff at Dogs Trust Manchester love him.

The German Shepherd is a seven-year-old sweetheart hoping to find his fur-ever home quickly, so he can show them all the love he has to offer.

The charity said: “Cooper's age doesn't slow him down, he still thoroughly enjoys going for adventures where he can explore new areas and have a good sniff at everything.”

The pooch adores squeaky toys and enjoys tug-o-war with his friends - but he does struggle around other dogs, so would like to be rehomed in a low dog populated area.

Dogs Trust have advised on what Cooper’s ideal home would look like. They said: “His home will need to be set back from the road as he is likely to bark at people and dogs passing by. A home with a good-sized secure garden with six foot fencing is needed so he has a nice, safe space for him to relax and play off lead and this needs to have no neighbouring dogs. 

“Cooper will need to be kept separate from the front door by a secure porch or something similar. He can live with children aged 14 and over and he needs to be the only pet in the home due to his reactivity. Cooper will be going home on a lead and muzzle disclaimer which means he must be kept on lead and muzzled out on his walks.”


Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dixie, may need an operation on his leg in the future, so adopters will need to live within half an hour’s drive from the centre to attend vet visits. 

The eight-year-old lad wants to show everyone he meets how much love he has to give, so if you’re looking to rehome a dog that will constantly remind you that you’re their best friend, then Dixie could be the pawfect match.

Dixie adores cuddles and scritches, and will sit beside you all day like your little shadow. His foster carer has said he has ‘one of the sweetest and happiest personalities’.

Dogs Trust added: “Dixie's always eager to please and loves doing anything his humans are doing. He'd be a great companion if you had friends over or were having a BBQ out in the sun as he will chill out, just happy that he's included! He is the perfect dog in the home, housetrained, knows his commands, and sleeps overnight-what more could you want!”

Dixie is looking forward to a home with a secure garden for sunbathing and playing, and pawrents that don’t have to leave him home alone for too long.

The charity added: “Dixie can get anxious seeing other dogs on his walks however once he has got to know his walking route and becomes settled into a routine, he quickly gets used to this and can walk with dogs at a reasonable distance, he will however need to be the only dog in his home. 

“Dixie can be a bouncy boy so is looking for a home where any children are over the age of 14. He has previously lived with a feline friend so could do so again as long as it is a calm and confident cat!”


Check out those ears! Dodge is a seven-year-old German Shepherd cross Collie looking to be rehomed with his best friend Ronnie (below).

He’s got a heart as big as his ears, and his favourite thing to do is play ball. As such, he’ll require a secure garden where he can chase his tennis ball and rival the Wimbledon ball boys.

Dogs Trust said: “Don't be fooled by his age, he is still an active boy who loves to go on walking adventures. He also loves going out in the car.

“Dodge can be a sensitive boy and is particularly worried in the vets. He would love a home where adopters can carry on with his training to build his confidence for vet visits. 

“As he is looking for a home with his best bud Ronnie, they will need a multi carer home with two people able to walk them. They are best friends but can be worried by dogs they don't know so will need to be the only dogs in the home. 

“He can live with children over the age of 14 years and has been happy to be left for four hours once settled.”


We know that Ronnie and Dodge may look like an unlikely duo, but the two of them truly are the best of friends.

The little to Dodge’s large, Ronnie is a three-year-old Chihuahua cross Yorkshire Terrier, who can be a little shy when he first meets people (but he soon warms up!)

He does enjoy playing tuggy and going for short walks, though he's not an early morning dog and will often snooze in the morning and join in the afternoon walk instead! 

The pair are currently in a foster home and have been providing endless amounts of entertainment to their carers.

The charity added: “Ronnie would love a home with owners who will give him time to come out of his shell.”


Gentle greyhound, Fisher, is just two years old, and can’t wait to find a home where he can potter about on walks and snuggle up on the sofa.

He enjoys the company of people, but not so much dogs just yet. 

Dogs Trust said: “Fisher is under-socialised with dogs and although can walk alongside them he can be uncomfortable up close. He will be going home on a lead disclaimer which means he will need to be kept on lead when in public areas. For this reason he would benefit from visiting secure fields or similiar to have fun time off lead! 

“He will need to be the only dog in the home and cannot live with any other pets. Any children in the home need to be aged 14 or over as he can be a little shy.”


If you love being outdoors, being active and simply just enjoy the quieter lifestyle then Hugo could just be the perfect match.

The three year old bull-breed cross is a lively lad who loves his routine and predictable home environment.

His favourite part of the day is walk time, so would like adopters that are very active so he can go on plenty of adventures! It takes time for Hugo to feel comfortable around people, but after slow introductions and once he fully knows you, he will become your best friend for life. 

He’s very food motivated which owners should take note of for his ongoing training program.

The charity advised: “Hugo will need a steady home with little to no visitors where he can be kept separate from them. Having said this outside of the home Hugo can happily join you and your friends on walks. 

“Hugo's home needs to be set back from the road so he can enjoy the peaceful view without the worry of passers-by. And he will need his own secure garden with six foot fencing where he can relax and play with his toys.

“He is looking for a home with adults only including no visiting children. Hugo is happy to say hello to other dogs and will move away if a dog takes a dislike to him however, he struggles to share so will need to be the only pet in the home.”


Pretty Penny is an elegant two-year-old Saluki cross Lurcher whose pawty trick is throwing her squeaky toys in the air and catching them.

Her handers have described Penny - also known as Lady Penelopy - as a ‘fun and cheeky’ character.

The team said: “Penny doesn't miss a trick, she's a quick learner and knows exactly how to get what she wants, she loves zoomies especially when combined with squeaky toys!

“Once Penny knows you she's a pleasure to spend time with and she loves to greet her friends here by throwing herself at them. Penny enjoys getting out and about and travels well on the back seat of the car, she would be a great companion on adventures as she loves exploring and paddling in water but also in true Lurcher fashion enjoys catching a few rays whilst basking in any sunny spots.”

Penny is looking to find a furever home as an only dog, where she can gain confidence and continue her training.

She seeks an adult-only home with access to quiet walks or potential to hire a secure field.

The charity added: “Her home would need to have minimal visitors, set back from the road and be non open plan where she wouldn't have access to meet visitors at the front door, also a secure garden with at least 6ft fences, this is all to keep things as stress free as possible for her.”


River is an ex-racing greyhound, and is hoping to find the comfiest sofa to retire on. Despite his background, Dogs Trust say he’s ‘super chilled’ and wants to catch up on all those missed sleeping opportunities!

The five-year-old pooch is quite calm, but does enjoy exploring new places on his walks. 

River would be the perfect dog for somebody looking for a calm, relaxed boy that enjoys a nice meal and a cuddle as much as he enjoys a long walk in the hills.

Dogs Trust added: “River can live with children aged 11 years and over providing they are comfortable with large breed dogs. 

“He has had mixed reactions with dogs here, he generally prefers females but isn't keen on dogs in his space so will need to be the only dog in the home, he will not be able to live with cats or small animals due to his chase drive as an ex-racer.”


Rocky is a lovely 10-year-old crossbreed looking for a relaxing retirement home. This sweet boy loves nothing more heading out for a sniff and a potter, followed by a relaxing afternoon chilling in the garden. 

Dogs Trust say he can be wary of meeting new people, and shy of handling, so a quiet companion would be perfect for this little introvert.

He hopes to find a home with minimal visitors or passersby, but would be happy to live with children over 16. In foster, his carer described the elderly boy as a ‘dream’ to look after.


Who wants a wet sandy kiss from Rosie?

This lovely two-year-old cross can be a little bit anxious and easily overwhelmed, but is really affectionate and enjoys being cradled like a baby!

She loves sofa snuggles and cosy blankets, and she’ll do absolutely anything for a treat. She is great at food searches, kongs and destruction boxes!

Dogs Trust said: “Rosie has also started to show a cheeky playful side and loves to charge around with her toys, throwing them in the air and catching them again - balls and soft toys are her absolute favourite! 

“She has had a previously sheltered life and has not been socialised so she struggles in busy places with noise, people and other animals, for this reason Rosie would need her walks in quiet areas with adopters who will take the time to show her the world, however she does travel well in the car so could be driven to quieter walks too.”


Whenever, wherever - we’re meant to be together! Shakira is in need of someone to be her absolute best friend. 

The sweet nine-year-old Staffy cross has been in kennels ‘longer than she deserves’ - and wants to find someone who will be her everything. 

Dogs Trust said: “Shakira is one of the most sweetest, loving companions anyone could wish for, once she knows you and builds that bond she will become your best friend for life! 

“She still has bags of energy which she enjoys burning off by going for walking adventures or simply just a fun playtime session off lead with her favourite toys. She particularly enjoys going for a swim too, so trips to areas where she dip her paws in would be great! 

“She is a real joy to be around, she is full of life, soul and pure cheekiness and she could be the perfect addition to your home! If you can offer Shakira a comfy sofa, lots of fun and nice walking adventures she will no doubt reward you with her forever love.”

In terms of the perfect home, Shakira will need an adult-only home with no visiting children or neighbouring cats. 


Taz is a dog that finds the world to be a daunting place, so is hoping to find owners that understand he can be a little worried at times.

The six-year-old Staffy loves playing with his toys and will happily entertain himself by flinging his toys about and having a good run around. He gets excited to see his favourite people and enjoys having a cuddle from his pals - and he’s a real foodie.

Dogs Trust said: “Taz is super curious and loves going for walks but can get easily overwhelmed so a home with access to quiet walks or potential to hire a secure field occasionally would be perfect for him so that he can enjoy stress free walks. 

“He is looking for a home that preferably has no high footfall outside the house or where you are able to restrict the window view. Taz is looking for a home with adults only and minimal visitors so he can relax.”


English Bull Terrier, Yarki, is a cheeky chappy looking for a predictable home where he’ll find confidence to come out of his shell. 

Dogs Trust say it takes some time for the eight-year-old to settle, but he’ll soon show his affectionate side!

Like all brilliant bullies, he gets very excited and can zoom and buck about when playing with his toys. 

Dogs Trust added: “He also enjoys pottering along on adventures at his pace and will happily hop in the car for a trip out - he particularly loves getting in any water he can find! One of Yarki's favourite things is his food which is great for his ongoing training and he loves to learn new things. 

“After all that excitement, he loves nothing more than settling down on a cosy duvet and snoozing the day away - he does have quite a lazy side! Yarki prefers to have some space from other dogs as they can worry him, but he can go on walks with calmer dogs and is very polite.”

Yarki is looking for a specific home to keep things stress free for him. He is looking for just a single owner that also has minimal visitors and no visiting children to the home. He needs a secure garden where he can play - perhaps in a paddling pool - and relax and this will need to have no neighbouring dogs. 


Toby is a gorgeous three-year-old Dutch Herder that loves sniffing and exploring, whiling away the hours chasing after his tennis ball and playing fetch. 

Toby is looking for adopters that have knowledge or experience of his breed. 

He needs a medium-large secure garden for playing off lead with all his toys! He can also live with children aged 14 years and over who are used to large and bouncy dogs! 

THe charity added: “Toby is friendly around other dogs but needs more socialisation as he can be intense at times so will need to be the only dog in the home. Socialisation should be continued out and about to help him build his confidence but this should be taken at Toby's pace.”


Five-year-old Teddy is a labrador cross who loves the company of his favourite people - which could be you!

True to his name, he really is a big cuddly teddy bear and has a surprisingly cheeky side that will never fail to make you smile. 

Teddy's favourite thing in the whole world is food - he will do anything for a tasty treat but that does mean he's carrying a little extra weight at the moment!

The rehoming centre staff said: “Teddy does have a surprisingly playful side and has some particularly good footie skills. After all that, he loves nothing more than settling on a cosy duvet and snoozing the day away. 

“Teddy enjoys tagging along on a gentle stroll and walking with other calm doggy pals, but prefers to mind his own business and get all the fuss and attention from you!

“He would like his new home to be situated in a quiet area with access to quiet walks as loud noises can overwhelm him, with his own secure garden where he can relax and potter around in.”

To find out more about any of the dogs above, visit the Dogs Trust Manchester site here.

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