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17 beautiful dogs all in the running to become TeamDogs mascot

They need your likes to help them win

Danielle Elton

Posted 2 months ago

Is there anything us dog owners love more than taking photos of our dogs? And not just one or two, we’ve got hundreds of them.

Whether it’s a snap of their super-cute puppy face or their first time at the beach, photos of our dogs bring us so much joy, especially when we’re not around them.

And what’s the other thing us owners just can’t help but do, second to photographing our dogs? Showing those photos to just about everyone, of course.

You’ve been posting photos of your beautiful dogs over on our community page and we absolutely love seeing them.

We’re now going to select one dog to become a TeamDogs mascot for September, with the winning dog getting their own professional photoshoot.

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Send us a picture of your dog for the chance to be featured on TeamDogs. Votes for our September mascot will be counted on August 25. The dog with the most likes will win.

Here are 17 dogs all vying for your likes to be crowned TeamDogs mascot.

This is Maggie. Maggie is a superdog who's helped get her owner through lockdown and pregnancy. Every human needs a Maggie.

(Image: Rachel Deacon)

This is also Maggie. Maggie is quackers about duckie, and walks with her humans.

(Image: Chloe Hammond-John)

This is Missy and Rex. Missy and Rex are glad to be settled after two homes in just eight weeks. They’re giving us their best puppy dog eyes to influence our vote. It’s working!

(Image: Sheena)

This is Snoop. Snoop has had enough of running around in the park. He’d much rather lounge around in the sun. We’re with you on that.

(Image: Sian Glover)

This is Treacle. Treacle is a happy girl who share’s Snoop’s love of lounging, although she’d happily swap sunbathing for somewhere cosy. We need some Treacle cuddles.

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(Image: Amy)

This is Honey. Honey is a honey. This sweet girl is another cutie who prefers the shade. 

(Image: Karen Baugh)

This is George. George constantly asks “Are we there yet?” every few minutes. George’s mum loves her furry back-seat driver.

(Image: Joanne Donnelly)

This is Bear. Bear isn’t a back-seat driver. Bear prefers being up front with the big boys.

(Image: Faye McNally)

This is Oryan. Oryan doesn’t care where he sits as long as he can stick his head out the window and feel the wind on his face. Oryan is a cruiser.

(Image: Sandy Arthurs)

This is Pickles, Ruffles and Dotty. They’ll let their human join the pack but still demand to be known as the Three Amigos.

(Image: Paige xx)

This is Thea and Bleu. Thea and Bleu are definitely related, they pull the same serious face. They’ve agreed only to crack a smile if named TeamDogs mascot.

(Image: Lucy Hardy)

This is Elton. Elton is still not over the fact that Staffies won the Favourite Breed competition. Elton was sure Black Labradors were going to win.

(Image: Rachel Crockford)

This is Benji. Benji loves an afternoon snooze and only if he’s got the bed to himself.

(Image: Mark Brown)

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