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15 special senior dogs in our Golden Oldie competition

Celebrating years of friendship with your best pals

Nia Dalton

Posted 6d ago

We are halfway through our glorious TeamDogs Dog Show and today we are celebrating a very special category, our golden oldies.

The precious old dogs that have shared our hearts and homes for so many years. We adore their silver fur, their snuggly nature and their wise old woofs.

Yesterday, loveable cockapoo Ernie made us all tear up with his wagging tail, and on Monday, Lola’s chocolate brown eyes melted our hearts. 

Next you’ve been sending in your gorgeous photos of senior dogs on our Pictures of Dogs page - and we are loving them. 

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the most heart-warming pictures you have sent in:

This is Dusk. Dusk is a real-life Sleeping Beauty. Who occasionally blows off and snores. 

(Image: Stacie)

This is Bertie. Bertie knitted this blanket herself. She calls everyone ‘dear’ and her biscuit tin is always full. 

(Image: Sarah Millman)

This is Buster. Buster wants to retire on the coast and eat fish and chips every day for breakfast. He’s not asking for much.

(Image: Neano)

This is Peppa. Peppa wanted to see if her tongue could touch her paws. We told her it could. Now she’s happy. Don’t tell her the truth.

(Image: Charlotte)

This is Bouncer. Bouncer is celebrating his 13th birthday. 50 Cent wrote a song for him.  

(Image: Claire Gresty)

This is Hunni. Hunni would like to order a bottle of pawsecco. She’s really hoping they ask for ID. And no it doesn’t matter that it’s 12pm - it’s 5pm somewhere. 

(Image: Gary Gresham)

This is Princess. You must bow when you greet her. Or point your hands to the ground and stand very straight. It’s the Princess law.

(Image: Princess)

This is Rosie-Mae. Rosie-Mae is just happy to be here. She made it on TeamDogs. She’s got her favourite toy. Life is complete. 

(Image: Stacey)

This is Jack. Jack is old and wise. His fur is full of secrets. Like where he hid his bone. If only he could remember the hiding place.

(Image: Jade Low)

This is Tilly. Tilly refuses to walk. She must be carried or pushed. Move out the way Gemma Collins, there’s a new diva in town.

(Image: Sarah Woods)

This is Marly. Marly’s been campaigning for #TongueOutTuesday to be every day for the past 12 years. 

(Image: Niki Wright)

This is Harry. Harry is the epitome of retirement. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

(Image: Rachel)

This is Buddy. Buddy is going on strike until you stop calling him an ‘old dog’. He is 10 years young. 

(Image: Buddy & Cubbie)

This is Petal. Petal really really wants a peanut butter biscuit. Nothing else will do. So there.

(Image: Natalie Cook)

This is Alfie. Alfie likes to spend his days at his local drinking dog beer, eating bark snacks and blowing out candles. 

(Image: Alfie St Bernie)

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