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13 Instagram dogs you really need to follow

The owner of @Enzo_Cairn shares her Instagram story


Posted 7 months ago ago

You might have seen the meme - a man holds up a sign in a

crowd saying: “Your dog doesn’t need an Instagram.”

“Yeah but what if he WANTS one?” I typed ironically on my own Instagram!

It started as a joke – then @Enzo_Cairn was born when I decided I wanted to show off my adorable pup’s every move without boring my friends too much, writes Lorna Hughes.

Sometimes when I’m typing out another caption pretending to be a dog who can both speak English and work an iPhone, I can’t quite believe that this is how I live my life.

But I have no regrets. Besides, pet Instagram is one of the friendliest corners of the Internet. You won’t find arguments over politics there.

I frequently wake up to lovely comments from strangers on the other side of the world admiring my dog and wishing him a nice day.

I’ll exchange comments with other owners masquerading as their dogs, without either of us ever knowing who’s on the other side. For most of us, the silly stuff is done with a knowing nod and a wink.

As well as the joy of another waggy-tailed new arrival, there’s the shared outpouring of grief when someone loses a dog. After our elderly Cairn terrier (who featured in many of Enzo’s early photos) died, I found it a real comfort to see the supportive comments pouring in.

I’ve also come to see it as a brilliant way to create a permanent record of Enzo’s life. One day I’ll cry my eyes out over his journey from pup to old man.

My advice? If you’re going to start a page for your dog don’t take it too seriously, but equally don’t expect much love back if it’s all one-way traffic. Take the time to show your support for other accounts – and there’s a lot of them!

Ultimately, as any social media user knows, it’s all just a highlights reel. So let’s not talk about Enzo’s nasty habit of trying to eat poo on walks!

Here are some very good boys (and girls) you’ll love following on Instagram..


There’s something about Instagram dog double acts, and Dougal and Fergus are among the best. They’re a Cairn Terrier and a Boxer and joke in their bio that “only our mother can tell us apart”.


Border terrier Toby is a “self-appointed seeing eye dog” for Amos who was born blind. Together, they’re adorable.


Westie Vivienne (who has arguably the best name on dog Instagram) shares her life around Leeds with her human/PA.


Described as a “crazy working Cocker Spaniel”, Ronnie’s big smile means he’s a regular on #tongueoutuesday.


The adventures of two sassy Liverpoolbased Westie sisters named Elsa and Arna.


This giant Bernedoodle (a Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle cross) is never without a smile on his face. Brawny’s posts follow his life in Idaho, USA.


Pippin & Frankenstein are a dog and guinea pig and they’re inseparable.


Who says dogs and cats don’t get along? Muffins and Sadie – both rescues – are the best of friends and you’ll often find them snuggled up together.


North Wales-based Border Terriers Luna and Gryff are head tilting through life together.


Partially-blind rescue pup Brodie lives in Canada with his photographer owne who’s snapped him in some stunning mountain scenery. 


Charlotte and Toby share daily updates on their life Down Under – and playtime with their many friends.


Blogger Bryce shares some jaw droppingly beautiful photos of her dogs Arlo and Finn. Finn had a stroke that left him partially paralysed and he now uses a special set of wheels to get around. 


Why should puppies have all the fun? 14-year-old Wilma is loving her life of food, outdoor adventures and napping in Norway.

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