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13 adorable pictures of puppers cooling down in paddling pools

These soggy doggies made a splash

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 4 months ago

When the weather is as glorious as it was last week, many of us simply enjoyed kicking back with an ice lolly and soaking up the sun.

But for dog owners, the recent heatwave saw pawrents across the UK rushing outside to pump up paddling pools for their pooches.

Many a pup ended the weekend a soggy doggy after a splash about in the cool water in the garden.

Team Dogs has rounded up some of the best pictures of puppies in paddling pools for you to enjoy.

Serge - this pup would give Taylor ‘Shake It Off’ Swift a run for her money 

Frank - he’s still unsure about his pool, but is certainly warming up (or cooling down?) to the idea of a dip!

Coco - we love the idea of adding floating balls to a ball pit to make the paddling pool extra fun!

Freddie - giving us his best ‘fresh-out-of-the-water’ pose

Buddy - having far too much fun to pose for mum

Buster - this is what he thinks of his paddling pool…

Teddy - hot diggity dog - we’d want to take a dip if we had this much fur, too!

Holly - now that is one happy pooch in a pool!

Joey - Why can dogs swim? Because they are good buoys

Neil - we love Neil’s ‘Under The Sea’ themed pool!

Cheddar - just a corgi snorkelling in his paddling pool

Harry - being blind doesn’t stop Harry enjoying a dip!

Georgie - Georgie enjoyed their new pool, complete with sprinkler to help soak dad too!

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