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12 times Greater Manchester Police Dogs saved the day in July

From catching a wanted man with a chainsaw, to preventing a church burglary

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 2 months ago

Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures - they can sniff out drugs, locate criminals and even find explosives.

And at Greater Manchester Police, their Tactical Dog Unit have had a busy month of busting criminals with the power of their nose and the sound of their bark.

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The clever canines have managed to catch a criminal wanted for two years that was running away with a chainsaw, intercepted the burglary of a church, and recovered £300,000 in cash that someone had tried to hide.

Here are 12 times these amazing dogs saved the day this month, as reported on the GMP Tactical Dog Unit Twitter account.

PD Yoda and PD Dutch

Tag team PD Yoda and PD Dutch tackled a team of burglary and robbery suspects in Stockport, detaining three people, which Greater Manchester Police praised as an ‘outstanding job’

PD Ted

One offender tried to take his chances with PD Ted, but ended up getting arrested for drug and driving offences.

GMP said: “On a dark night you don’t want PD Ted in hot pursuit after you.”

PD Kyp

PD Kyp managed to intercept a church burglary, detaining two males and their break-in kit.

The clever dog located one of the criminals, leading the second one to surrender.

PD Spud and PD Jimmy

Explosion dogs Spud and Jimmy were on hand to welcome Her Majesty The Queen to Manchester earlier this month. 

The dogs rolled out the red carpet and ensured a warm and safe Royal welcome. They’re pictured here at Manchester Cathedral on the job.

PD Ringo

Named after The Beatles drummer, PD Ringo managed to track down a burglar in Wigan who had stolen some jewellery.

Greater Manchester Police tweeted: “PD Ringo found Lucy in the car with her diamonds yesterday following a burglary in Wigan. 

“Ringo managed to track the offender from the address to an unoccupied vehicle, in which jewellery stolen in the burglary was located and recovered. Suspect was also identified via the car.”

PD Tommy

When a vehicle failed to stop for patrols in Walkden, the occupants crashed and attempted to flee. But PD Tommy was able to track down and detain the driver.

A male was arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, and possession of a bladed article after police located a Rambo knife.

PD Rodney

PD Rodney did a ‘lovely jubbly’ job at sniffing out £300,000 hidden in a void in a wall in Rochdale. 

GMP said: “Mange tout to those suspected ill gotten gains, now seized under POCA.

He who dares wins Rodney.”

PD Will

When an offender threw a machete at police officers, PD Will located him behind a shed in some gardens. 

Will then tracked a stolen motorbike involved in a robbery to an address where two more offenders were arrested.

PD Storm

A stolen car, burglary, shooting and bladed weapon was no match for PD Storm.

The offender was quickly outrun by the dog and detained by officers.

Police said: “Fantastic work by PD Storm.

“A vehicle stolen by means of burglary and invoked in a shooting was pursued by #TVCU.

“The offender fled only to be outrun and swiftly detained by Storm. Large machete also located in the vehicle.”

PD Jax, PD Eddie and PD Tommy

It was a team effort from PD Jax, PD Eddie and PD Tommy when a burglary team tried to evade police.

The occupants of the stolen vehicle began to run, with PD Jax detaining the fleeing driver. Then PD Eddie managed to track down another offender, running him into the paws of PD Tommy.

PD Kyp

PD Kyp located an offender that had been wanted for over two years, and was carrying a chainsaw!

The male made off from a high speed crash in Hindley before running off with a chainsaw.

Police say PD Kyp located the male collapsed in woodland, where he was arrested for multiple offences.

PD Lottie

PD Lottie was on shift carrying out warrants for drugs, cash and firearms where she located hidden cash and drugs with her super sensitive snoot in Clayton.

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