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The pampered beauts acing Spoil Your Dog Day goals

These dogs really are living their best lives

Nia Dalton

Posted 2 months ago

(Image: Garry Gresham)

It’s National Spoil Your Dog Day today (what do you mean it's EVERY day in your house!?!) and what better way to mark August 10 than getting lost in endless photos of pampered dogs living their best lives.

They have all been shared on our favourite TeamDogs community page called – wait for it – Pictures of Dogs.

So here are 11 of your best head turning, camera ready, posing pups.

We salute you all.

This is Mr Chi Hua Hua. Mr Chi Hua Hua travels in style. Don’t even think about booking him a standard Uber.

(Image: Karen Hague)

This is Ellie and Izzy. Ellie is the Wayne Lineker of the V.I.P. doggy pool party. Izzy takes song requests on behalf of Ellie. Do not ask Ellie for autographs. 

(Image: Grace Atwell)

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This is Candy. Candy refuses to leave the house without her pink hat and matching shades. Candy has class and you don’t.

(Image: Johnjcb)

This is Fred and Frankie. Fred caught Father Christmas red-handed delivering presents and held him hostage. Fred barked until he emptied his sack. Fred won.

(Image: Susan)

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This is Olive. Olive is a real-life Sleeping Beauty. Olive can only be woken with delicate doggy kisses. No tongues.

(Image: Lauren Cunningham)

This is Theo. Theo has been spoiled with a new cuddle monster after losing his greyhound brother last week. We want to smother Theo with love.

(Image: Wendy Steele)

This is Nic Nac. Nic Nac refuses to eat ice cream unless it’s freshly whipped and held at an arm’s length in a crispy cone.

(Image: TeamDogs)

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This is Betsy Boo. Betsy Boo requested a unicorn party for her birthday. And a cushion with her face on. Betsy Boo is winning.

(Image: Lindsey and Betsyboo)

This is Hunni. Hunni is the Paris Hilton of the Chihuahua world. Hot to trot? Check.

(Image: Garry Gresham)

This is Jon. Jon doesn’t use regular dog shampoo. Jon prefers to wash in peanut-butter flavoured bubbles.

(Image: Jon Hamilton-Meikle)

This is Fendi. Fendi only wears designer. Fendi got invited to Paris Fashion Week and you didn’t. 

(Image: InYourArea)

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