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11 pictures of dogs being ‘arrested’ to brighten your day

“My puppy dog eyes will get me out of this!”

Nia Dalton

Posted 56d ago

Does your dog drink out of your toilet, or scoff your favourite food in secret? Our pups all misbehave from time-to-time - and sometimes, we just have to ‘arrest’ them!

These dogs have been ‘arrested’ for a number of naughty crimes, from being too cute, to stealing treats and chewing on wires. 

Dog lovers and pet owners have taken to Reddit to share their hilarious, cheeky and down-right adorable photos of dogs being detained.

A community page called “dogs being arrested” has been set up on Reddit as “a place for doggos being arrested physically or metaphorically”.

Here are some criminal pups confessing their crimes, and frankly we can’t decide which one of these pictures is the cutest. 

You have the right to remain silent

(Image: Reddit/user lexipiper93)

It wasn’t me!

(Image: Reddit/user Chrisfotch)

This pat down isn’t so bad

(Image: Reddit/user SipOfCherryCola)

Ridin’ solo

(Image: Reddit/user thedoxial)

Does the two metre rule count when you’re this cute?

(Image: Reddit/user MichaelMeow)

Guilty as charged

(Image: Reddit/user Alffalffa)

My puppy dog eyes will get me out of this

(Image: Reddit/user stphntgr)

Keep your paws where I can see them!

(Image: Reddit/user Jeepers33)

Freeze! You’re under arrest

(Image: Reddit/user QwertyKip)

Anything you woof can be used against you in court

(Image: Reddit/user Sandvich1015)

Tell me! Who pooped on the carpet?

(Image: Reddit/user NicoPhoenix04)

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