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11 dogs searching for forever homes in Cambridgeshire

Can you give a dog a home?

Paige Freshwater

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Rachel Mainwaring

You'll know all about Wood Green's success in rehoming dogs if you've seen The Dog House on Channel 4.

The Cambridgeshire rescue centre educates, advises and supports pet owners so they can enjoy a mutually rewarding and happy relationship with their dogs.

And they have a wonderful selection of four-legged friends waiting to join your family. They come in all breeds and colours but they all have one thing in common – they all just want a new home with a family to give them the love and attention they so deserve.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adopting, and you’re 100 per cent sure that it’s the way to go for you, we have the pleasure of introducing you to 11 fine pooches who hope someone out there will have the time, love and patience to become their best mate for life.


Six-year-old Lurcher Bella loves chilling out on a sofa or sunbathing in a garden – she certainly likes to lounge around on a sofa (but we’re sure there is room for you!).

Bella would love to live with as the only dog in a home that has a 6ft fence as she adores zooming around and fetching toys.

She can find meeting new people a little scary and all introductions have to be at her pace and she’s also quite nervous when she’s out and about.

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Oh gosh, just look at that smile!

This cheeky little chappy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he doesn’t like kennel life at all so is really looking forward to finding a new home.

Oscar loves his tennis balls but you do have to always play with two as he is reluctant to let go and share! He is under socialised with other dogs and does not like them in his space. It is best to walk him in areas that are quiet and at times when you will not see too many dogs, especially those that can run up to him off lead.

He is looking for an adult only home with no young visiting children. He is a very tactile dog once he has had time to settle in but has no experience around young children. He’s also happy to be left for a couple of hours once he’s settled.

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This gorgeous lady is Rosie. She loves people though can be a little over the top when meeting them initially. She will settle and loves to have a snooze on the sofa next to you.

She is a typical Staffy who loves her toys and equally to destroy them, especially anything squeaky.

Rosie cannot live with any other animals but she can live with teenagers and over.

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Affectionate Jasper isn’t your average Border Collie. He doesn’t need endless physical exercise, but it’s crucial that his adopters can channel his intelligent mind towards appropriate outlets.

This clever five-year-old collie hasn’t been at Wood Green long and needs new owners who can keep up his training.

Jasper would love to live in an area away from busy roads (and bothersome cars) and too many other dogs so he can enjoy his walks.

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Look at beautiful Alba, who is a gorgeous German Shepherd dog, but a very anxious one.

She is looking for a home with a maximum of two adults only due to anxieties around new people. You need to be prepared for a long settling in period if you would like Alba to join your family. She would like a quiet home with a consistent routine.

That patience will be so worth it. Her current foster parent says: “It has been great to see Alba gain confidence, from learning to climb the stairs when she first arrived, to enjoying searching in the undergrowth for her toys. We think she is gorgeous, and we love waking up to her smile and waggy tail.”

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Just look at beautiful Labrador/ Rottweiler cross Jazz who is aged three and hoping to live in an adult-only home.

She is intelligent and energetic and she would enjoy a private, 6ft fenced garden for space to run around and play in as well as learn lots of new and exciting tricks!

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This Patterdale cross may by aged nine but there is still plenty of life in the old dog yet and he’s really energetic.

Bruce spent almost two years living in the garden of his previous home so he will need patient owners with plenty of time to help him resettle into home life.

Wherever Bruce is, his toys are not to far way either as he simply loves them.

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Japanese Akita Inu Lucky can come across as aloof when you first meet him but once he gets to know you, he is really loving.

You’ll have to know a lot about his breed to be his owner but, rest assured, he is a very bright and energetic boy who is looking for a family to match.

He’s not too keen with dogs approaching him off a lead so will need to be walked in quiet areas and you must have a garden so he can play with his favourite toy – his football!

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What do you get if you own Susie? Well, she loves sausages, sleeping and snuggling – but she also loves to play with her toys too.

The 10-year-old has been attacked by another dog in the past so is very nervous when she’s out and about so would need somewhere quiet to walk. She would also like a home where she is the only pet and with a secure garden so she can play with her toys.

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10. ROLY

If you’re after a small dog, Roly is a precious pooch who is sensitive and needs an owner who is calm and patient.

She struggles to be on her own and would love if her new owner didn't leave her home on her own for too long whilst she settles and has training in this area.

She is a gorgeous girl and the staff at Wood Green say: “This special lady has a heart of gold, and deserves the most amazing home with owners who will shower her with love.”

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If you like the look of Murphy but don’t know what a Huntaway is, you’ll need to go and do your research before you can think about adopting him.

Murphy likes to be mentally challenged and would love a family who can provide this. He can be a bit over the top at times, especially when he gets excited playing with his toys.

Murphy can live with teenagers, and another dogs the same sort of size as him (as long as it’s over two -ears -ld) and he’s happy to left alone for a couple of hours.

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If you are interested in rehoming one of these dogs from Wood Green, please register your details online at www.woodgreen.org.uk/pet-seeker, before emailing dog.enquiries@woodgreen.org.uk

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