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10 reasons Staffies are the UK's favourite dog breed

Learn why these loveable dogs stole the hearts of the nation

Nia Dalton

Posted 2 months ago

(Image: TeamDogs/ Mrs V A Callaway)

Staffies have stolen the hearts of the nation after they were crowned the UK’s favourite dog breed on Saturday.

TeamDogs’ nationwide hunt to find the best-loved breed - in association with Pooch & Mutt - has finally come to a close. Staffies beat 51 other breeds before being named the ‘top dog’.

We adore their big grins and even bigger hearts, but what makes them our ultimate favourite?

Here are 10 reasons Staffies are the UK’s favourite dog breed:

1. They make great family pets

They are gentle and affectionate dogs who adore people. Their well-documented love of children has even earned them the nickname ‘Nanny Dog’ in Britain. 

Our reader Ellen Michelle agrees: “How can you not love a staffy. They are loyal, easy to train and so great with kids! My one year old daughter and six year old staffy are best of buds!”

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2. Their personalities are larger than life

Staffies are known for being friendly and fun dogs that love to communicate with people. They are outgoing, loveable and energetic.

Staffy owner Tracy Howard said: “My Staffy dog! He just barks at me because he can… Staffies are the best!”

(Image: TeamDogs/ Grace Atwell)

3. They are easy to groom

Staffies are fairly low maintenance dogs when it comes to bathing and grooming. Their short coat only needs brushing a few times a week and washing every two months - with the exception of a muddy adventure outside.

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4. They are always searching for loving homes

You will find more Staffies in rescue centres than any other dog breed. Due to their unfair reputation, Staffies are the hardest to rehome. True dog lovers will know how loveable these pups really are.

Clare Kennett emphasised: “Staffies are great dogs. Sweet natured and very friendly.”

(Image: TeamDogs/ Justin Kennealy)

5. They are affectionate

While they may look tough, Staffies love nothing more than a big cuddle. These affectionate dogs develop really close bonds with their owners, and will protect them at all costs. 

Facebook reader Lauren Anne Mc said: “Staffies are the best in my opinion, so loving and loyal. I would never have another breed of dog after having a staffy.”

6. They are super clever

Staffies are very intelligent dogs. As long as you follow a consistent routine, they learn very quickly and pick up new tricks easily. While they can be stubborn, Staffies will do anything if there’s a treat involved.

(Image: Facebook/ Amber Claire Forrest)

7. They have huge smiles

When a Staffie is happy, you can instantly tell. Their huge grin lights up any room. They are super cute as puppies and as adults, and their playful behaviour matches their infectious smiles. 

8. They are small but mighty 

From their broad heads to their chiselled jawlines, Staffies are extremely muscular dogs. They are considered to be a sturdy, strong and healthy breed, with few hereditary health problems.

(Image: TeamDogs/ Kano’s Mummy)

9. They have lots of energy

Staffies are energetic dogs that love to play with their owners. They enjoy running around, chewing on toys and playing challenging scent games. Equally, they love to cuddle at home.

Carolin Biggs agrees: “Brilliant family dogs, fun to be around and go out or just chill on the sofa… 100% in every situation.”

10. They can jump high

Staffies are jumpers. They can jump really high and need tall garden fences. Their strong, muscular limbs and wide but sloping shoulders allow them to reach as tall as 5 feet.  

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