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10 of the most talented dogs in our Best Tricks competition

Time is running out to upload a video of your pup’s best trick

Nia Dalton

Posted 5d ago

Our wonderful TeamDogs Dog Show is in full swing this week. 

We’ve watched your dogs wag their tails in glee and scrolled through endless photos of their beautiful eyes and silver fur - and today, we are in awe of their talents.

It’s our Best Trick category, and all you need to do to enter is upload a video of your dog’s best trick to our TeamDogs Facebook post

The winner will be chosen by our special TeamDogs judge - Big Brother contestant and owner of No More Kennels, Rebeckah Vaughan - at 3pm. 

Hero dog Cherry stole the show yesterday, but who will win today?

Here’s a sneak peak at your talented dogs performing their best tricks so far:

This is Sealyham. Sealyham once auditioned for the role of Jaws. He didn’t get the part when he refused to eat people.

(Image: Sealyham Eddie)

This is Romeo. Romeo tricked his owner into playing hide and seek. All he really wanted was a nap. 

(Image: Vickie Cooper)

This is Henry and May. Henry and May can synchronise swim like Tom Daley and Matty Lee at the Olympics. Only better. And with less knitting. 

(Image: Henry Smith)

This is Ernie. Ernie presses the button and his treats appear. Who needs a genie and a magic lamp?

(Image: Rachael Hartwell)

This is Quentin. Quentin can freeze on request. He’ll win any game of musical statues.

(Image: Tracey Chris)

This is Shadow. Shadow was a waiter in his past life. Can you tell?

(Image: Sophie Boynton)

This is not a flying cow. This is Ralph. Ralph the jumping dog. Still impressive though.

(Image: Hayley Sarah Davison)

This is Ronnie. Ronnie gives Indiana Jones a run for his money. He deserves an Oscar and a treat. 

(Image: Roger David Muñoz Arteaga)

This is Roxy. Roxy excels at puzzles. Expect to see her on The Cube in 2022.

(Image: Laura Bailie)

This is Coco. Coco is paralysed and just stood up with her back legs. Someone get us a box of tissues. Quick. 

(Image: XOXO COCO)

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If you’ve taught your dog a cool and clever trick, upload a video to our Facebook post

The winner will receive a special TeamDogs Dog Show rosette and a gift box. And each category’s winner will go forward for the grand prize of Best in Show on Saturday. 

The Best Trick winner will be announced this evening. Stay tuned!

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