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10 adorable disabled dogs looking for their forever home

We’d take them all if we could

Danielle Elton

Posted 6 months ago ago

As animal lovers, the thought of any dog being unwanted is sad, but thinking about disabled dogs alone and unwanted just tugs at our hearts.

And while there are countless dogs in shelters all over the country, those that rehome solely disabled dogs are less common.

Every dog is deserving of our love (how could you do anything but?), some just need that little bit of extra care and attention.

Miracle’s Mission, a charity that helps sick, injured and disabled animals, has 10 dogs in its care all ready and waiting for their new forever home.

Could that be with you?

Adoption fees are £150 with the charity funding travel, initial vet assessments and wheels and prosthetics.

Here’s everything you need to know about these adorable animals


Three-year-old Jess didn’t have the best start in life, she was violently abused meaning one of her back legs had to be amputated. But she doesn’t let this stop her getting about and is fully mobile.

Jess is a gentle girl but she can be a little nervous around strangers so her new owners should ideally have some experience of nervous dogs to help her while she settles in. She’s looking for a child-free home where she is the only dog, although she does get on well with her four-legged pals while out on walks.


Mixed-breed Sally is a happy dog full of joy despite having her back legs amputated after being hit by a train.

Sally has a set of wheels to help her get about so her new owners should be prepared for that, there may also be some incontinence but that will only be discovered upon assessment. Sally is currently in Romania ready to travel to the UK once a new home has been found.


Seven-year-old Moses sadly lost one of his paws after it had to be cut off but he will be receiving a prosthetic paw.

Although Moses is a friendly boy when it comes to people, he has been found to be bossy around other dogs so is looking for a home where he will be the only one.

Could you provide Moses with a loving home?


Mixed-breed Rita is four years old and is looking for her forever home with owners comfortable with her wheels and happy to help her with going to the toilet.

Rita was sadly hit by a car meaning her spine marrow was damaged leaving her back legs paralysed. This has meant she can’t urinate by herself.

Besides her troubles, Rita is a friendly dog who loves lots of cuddles and attention. She likes the company of other dogs but at the moment she doesn’t play with them. She also doesn’t mind being the only dog. She is also fine around cats and mostly ignores them.


Mixed-breed Jeri is three years old and only small. She has a friendly nature and has been around other dogs, cats and children described as playful. However she can be nervous around larger dogs.

She’s currently in Egypt and ready to be transported to her new home in the UK. She’s been at the shelter since she was two-months old. 

Rita has a congenital disorder which affects her legs meaning she can only walk short distances without the aid of wheels. The charity is currently awaiting advice on what potential surgery she could have to help her regain normal use of her legs.


Poor Bella was hit by a car resulting in a broken spine with her back legs left paralysed. She was rescued from the streets in Macedonia in January 2020. But that hasn’t dampened her spirits as Bella is described as a dog who loves life. She got a lot of love to give her new owners and is incredibly friendly around both adults and children.She also gets on well with other dogs and cats.

Bella is fully used to her wheels but she is incontinent so will need some help going to the toilet. The charity will offer her new owners full training in managing her toileting needs.


Two-year-old Batel has a lot of love to give his new owner and is a happy boy, despite his many issues.

This adorable German Shepherd is missing half a front leg and will be fitted with a prosthetic. His remaining front leg has stretched ligaments and he wears a boot to protect his paw as two of his toes were cut off. This means he is looking for a home where he will not be over exercised.

His two back hips were also dislocated but he’s not had surgery to correct this.

He cannot be rehomed with children and he is not good with crowds or strangers and doesn’t like being approached too quickly.


One-year-old Precious was found on the side of the road unable to walk. X-rays showed that her back was broken and many of her teeth had also been knocked out. She’s now had surgery on her spine but it is not known if she will be able to walk again.

She has a playful spirit and loves other dogs but she can be nervous of the outside world, namely sudden loud noises, men and the wind. The charity believes her confidence will grow in time.

Precious is also incontinent and will need help going to the toilet.


Beautiful Nessy is just eight-months-old and is looking for a family with other dogs and cats.

It is suspected that Nessy was hit by a car leaving her with damage to her spinal cord. Because of this, her two back legs were amputated. But this hasn’t Nessy back, she’s a happy dog full of energy.

She is very friendly and loves other dogs as well as cats, especially cats - she loves to make new friends and play with her toys.

Like many dogs her age, she enjoys getting out to explore and is very curious. She has a set of wheels to help her get about which her new owners should be comfortable with, they should also be aware that like many of the other dogs, she is incontinent and needs help going to the toilet.


Looking for a loving home is this gorgeous dog Oreo. One-year-old Oreo is a happy boy who gets on well with other dogs and cats. He has a lot of love to give and especially loves kisses.

Oreo is paralised from the waist down but that doesn’t stop him from living an active life. He has his own set of wheels that he loves to run around in when on walks and to get around the house.

He’s looking for a home that is comfortable to take on a dog on wheels and one that can help him with bladder expression.

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