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About TeamDogs

We are Ziggy and Sam, Tommy and Ceri, Molly and David, Arty and Maxine,Tal and Al, Flo and Jon, Harry and Jo, Moss and Sian, Missy and Jayne, Suggs and Karen.

We are journalists, colleagues and friends united by one thing - we know our lives with our darling dogs is short and we want to make sure that those lives are the best they can possibly be. So this site is all about us sharing our recommendations with you and you sharing yours with us.

What you’ll find here are the walks, the food, the chews, the groomers and the toys that our DDs love and we want to share these tips and tricks with you.

Our pledge is we don’t share reviews - only recommendations. That is why you won’t find anything with less than a two-star rating. After all, would you recommend something you’d rate less than that to a friend?

The site makes money through advertising and we may earn an affiliate fee on anything you buy that we recommend.

The bottom line is we just love dogs. We love the good days and the bad days. We know the joy of bringing home a puppy or to share a forever home with a rescue.

We know the fun and the frustrations and we also know the terrible darkness of loss.
We are teamdogs and we are here for each other and for you.

Join us and we can live our best doggy lives together.